Balfe’s hornpipe

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X: 1
T: Balfe's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3(ABc)|d3/2e/2c3/2d/2 (3BAG (3AGF|G2(f/2b3/2)(f/2b3/2)a3/2g/2|
(3fag (3fed (3egf (3edc|(3dfa (3d'c'b (3aba (3gfe|
d3/2e/2c3/2d/2 (3BAG (3AGF|G2(f/2b3/2) (f/2b3/2)a3/2g/2|(3fag (3gfe (3egf (3edc|d2f2d2:|
|: (3(ABc)|d3/2f/2 (3abc' d'3/2c'/2d'3/2c'/2|b3/2a/2b3/2c'/2 b3/2g/2e3/2d/2|c3/2d/2e3/2f/2 g3/2f/2g3/2b/2|a3/2^g/2a3/2b/2 a2 (3(ABc)|
d3/2f/2 (3abc' d'3/2c'/2d'3/2c'/2|b3/2a/2b3/2c'/2 b2a3/2g/2|(3fag (3fed (3egf (3edc|d2f2d2:|
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O’Neill’s Music Of Ireland (The 1850) Lyon & Healy, Chicago, 1903 edition

After Sg’t. Early

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