O’Kane’s march

Also known as Brian O’Kane’s March #1, Brian O’Kane’s March No.1, Kane’s March.

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One setting

X: 1
T: O'Kane's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:dc|B2 BG cAFe|dgBe d^c=cA|BDGB d^c=cB|AEA>G FDGA|
B2 B>c dgfg|eGce d2 B>c|dged cEBA|G2 G>A G2:|
|:FG|A2 FA f2 gf|ecA>B A2 fg|a>bag fAde|fagf e2 fg|
a>fdA G2 FG|AB=c>B A2 FG|A>dfd eAce|d2 d>e d2:|
|:cB|A2 EA F2 DF|E2 CE e2 fg|a>fed ceAc|BFB>A GEFG|
A2 EA F2 DF|E>CEA c2 e>e|f>gaf ecBc|A2 A>B A2:|
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O’Kane’s March

I believe Brian O’Kane has written a number of Marches. This one is a close relation of the Brian O’Kane March posted by ceolachan. (don’t know the respective numbers)

Around the mid 1960’s, the Ian Powrie Band were on tour and had a gig in Dublin. (Theatre concert or dance - I’m not sure). The Band played this March in their performance.

The lead accordion in the band was played by the late Jimmy Blue. Jimmy was a fairly large built man and could be quite an imposing character. Early the following day, he was accosted in the street by this (relatively) small man who said - "T’anks for playing my tune last night". Somewhat gruffly, Jimmy asked what the - he was talking about? "Oh, I’m O’Kane", Brian O’ Kane casually replied. Jimmy Blue often used to tell the story against himself when the Band played the tune.

I’ve always liked the March and the version I’ve posted is rougly as we play it - probably fairly close to the Ian Powrie version who introduced it to this part of the world. (Played AABBACCA)

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"Brian O’Kane’s March"

Key signature: D Major
Submitted on March 2nd 2007 by ceolachan.

Maybe we’ll be lucky and someone will add more information on Brian O’Kane and his marches. I hope so… Nice one fifer… I have this somewhere too and may also have at least information on what tended to be called #1 & #2. If I can find it I’ll add it in the alternate titles… Also, if I have anything significantly different with regards to this march I’ll add the ABC’s for it…

I understand these two were sometimes paired together as a set, #1 & #2, both moving through similar key changes with each part, 3 each, in different order ~ D, G then A for the other march…

#2s ~

There is also a 2-part march by Brian O’Kane that has been given the numeration #2 in Martin Mulvihill’s "First Collection of Traditional Irish Music", New York, 1986, probably because it was another of O’Kane’s that was paired up with #1 (linked to above) as the second tune in a set by Mulvihill, his school and their ‘Glincastle Ceili Band’, New York, U.S.A…

Note: this transcript is #1… The link in the comments is to the ‘other’ #2…

Followed by Walter Douglas

A nice contrast if O’Kanes is ollowed by Walter Douglas.


Brian O’Kane (Piano accordian player with The Siamse Céili band back in the 50’s/60’s lives in Dundalk and he wrote this march (and a few others ) for our u18 Céili bands. I’ll check to be sure but one year we won 1st and 2nd and "our" march was called "The Gold and Silver" as a result. This loks like it but I wont know ‘till I play it and check.
The series of half-tone-steps are typical BO’K trademarks and I for one LOVE ‘EM.
I’ll be back with more anon.
Peter O’Connor

Peter you’re a sweetheart!!! 🙂

I always love it when things connect and it is to someone with a generosity of spirit. I look forward to further information and O’Kane tunes. It would be good to have more about the man too, if you find the time and inclination… Thanks loads… If you have his names for any of these let me know and those I’ve submitted I will amend, putting the other takes on it in the ‘alternate names’ section…

If you see him ask if it is OK that we’ve posted his melodies here. Also, if you have a different way with it, please add the ABC’s, and if you need any help there, just ask…

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Can only echo ceolachan’s sentiments. Have never met Brian but his music has lots of fans in this part of Scotland.

Again, if he has no objections and you feel able to add any others I’ll look forward to them.

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O’Kane’s Marches

I do love tunes like these that change key a few times. A great test of a musician’s ability . I first heard this tune played by Jim McLeod and his band, and I was surprised to find that it was in fact an Irish march. I came to the conclusion that it must be called O’Kane’s No2, because I already knew a march called O’Kane’s No1, which incidentally follows the same key structure. I have also heard O’Kane’s No 1 called ‘The Gorey March’