Velvet In The Wind waltz

Also known as Le Velours Dans Le Vent.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Velvet In The Wind
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FE|:D2 DE FA|B2 BA Bd|e2 ed e2|f2 fe fa|b2 ba fe|
a2 af ed|1 fe dBBd|B2 AF E2:|2 f2 f2 e2|d2de fa||
|:b2 ba fe|a2 af ed|fe dBBd|B2 AF E2|D2 DE FA|
B2 BA Bd|1 e2 ed fd|e2 ed fa:|2 e2 ed fe|d3||

Three comments

A waltz as smooth as velvet

This waltz comes from the late Newfoundland fiddler Emile Benoit. From the south coast (an area with strong french influence) Emile often referred to this tune by it’s french translation, “Le Velours dans le Vent.”
I like to play this a nice, laid back tempo, kind of swinging the eighth notes. I often incorporate triplets into bar two of the A section and bar 6 of the B section, between the notes B and d. In other words: 3BCd
Hope you enjoy playing this lovely waltz as much as I do!

Is there a recording available of Emile playing this? It’s not on either of the two albums of his I have.