Katherine Brennan’s Favourite hornpipe

Also known as Katherine Brennan’s, Katherine Brennan’s Favourite, Katherine Brennen’s, Katherine Brennen’s Favourite, Katherine Brennan’s Favorite.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Katherine Brennan's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3Bcd|g>ed>B G2 A>B|(3cBA B>G A>G (3EFG|D>G (3Bcd g>dB>g|(3efg a>g f>d (3def|
g>ed>B G>D (3BAG|(3cBA B>G A>GE>G|(3cdc B>G A>GE>G|D>G (3GGF G2:|
|:(3def|g>fg>a (3bag a>f|g>fe>d (3BcB A>G|(3EFG A>B c>BA>G|E>AA>B c>de>f|
g2 g>a b>g (3agf|g2 (3fed B2 B>d|(3cBA (3BAG A>G (3EFG|D>GG>F G2:|
X: 2
T: Katherine Brennan's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
gedB G2 AB|(3cBA BG AGEG|DGBd g2 dB|(3efg ag fdef|
gedB G2 AB|(3cBA BG AGEG|c2 BG AGEG|DGGF G2 (3def:|
g2 ga (3bag af|gfed B2 AG|EAAB cBAG|EAAB cdef|
g2 ga (3bag af|gfed B2 Bd|(3cBA BG AGEG|DGGF G2:|
X: 3
T: Katherine Brennan's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g>ed>B G2 G2|(3cBA B>G A2 (3EFG|D>G (3Bcd g2 g2|(3efg a>g f2 (3def|
g>ed>B G>DB>D|(3cBA B>G A2 E>G|(3cBA B>G A>G (3EFG|D>G (3FGA G2:|
g>fg>a b2 (3agf|g2 (3fed B2 A>G|(3EFG A>B c2 (3BAG|(3EFG (3GAB c2 (3def|
g2 g>a b2 a2|g>fe>d B2 B2|(3cBA (3BAG A>G (3EFG|D>GF>A G2:|
d2 A>F D2 E>F|G2 F>G E2 B,2|A,2 (3DFA d2 A2|(3Bcd e>d c2 (3ABc|
d>BA>F D2 D2|G>E (3FED E>DB,>D|G2 (3FED E2 (3B,CD|A2 D2 D2:|
d2 d>e f2 e2|d2 (3cBA F2 (3FED|B,2 E2 G2 (3FED|B,DEF G2 (3ABc|
d>cd>e (3fga e>c|d>cB>A F2 E>F|(3GFE (3FED E>DB,>G,|A,2 D2 D2:|
gedB G2 G2|cABG A2 EG|DGBd g2 g2|egag f2 df|
gfga b2 af|g2 fd B2 AG|EGAB c2 BG|EGAB c2 df|
g2 ga b2 a2|gfed B2 B2|cABG AGEG|DGFA G2:|
d2 AF D2 EF|G2 FG E2 B,2|A, D2 d3 A|Bded c2 Ac|
dBAF D2 D2|GEFD EDB,D|G2 FD E2 B,D|A2 D2 D2:|
d2 de f2 e2|d2 cA F2 ED|B,2 E2 G2 FD|B,DEF G2 Ac|
dcde faec|dcBA F2 EF|GEFD EDB,G,|A,2 D2 D2:|

Sixteen comments

“Katherine Brennan’s Favorite Hornpipe” ~ sans the ‘>’, and slightly different

K: G Major
|: (3def |
gedB G2 AB | (3cBA BG AGEG | DGBd g2 dB | (3efg ag fdef |
gedB G2 AB | (3cBA BG AGEG | c2 BG AGEG | DGGF G2 (3def :|
|: (3def |
g2 ga (3bag af | gfed B2 AG | EAAB cBAG | EAAB cdef |
g2 ga (3bag af | gfed B2 Bd | (3cBA BG AGEG | DGGF G2 :|

Yes, chicken or egg? ~ did the reel or the hornpipe come first? I am sadly lacking some of my source material here so I can’t check all the early printed collections, but I’d love it if someone else can put a date on this melody’s earliest existence in print…

“Katherine Brennan’s Favorite Hornpipe”

Andy McGann recorded this on the album “Andy McGann and Paul Brady”, a Shanachie LP, #29009, and a transcription of this hornpipe was included in the booklet that came with the album. McGann says that he learned it from his fiddle teacher Katherine Brennan, and it was a ‘favorite’ of hers… Since at the time they hadn’t a name for it, it was christened appropriately “Kahterin Brennan’s Favorite”…

“Andy McGann And Paul Brady: It’s A Hard Road To Travel”

Submitted on September 13th 2001 by biggus dave.

This is the CD release, and all but one track remains. Track 3 has changed from the album:

3.) “The Gaelic League March” / “Katherine Brennen’s Favorite Hornpipe”

~ to this on the CD:

3.) “The Gold Ring” / “Carmen’s Amber”

“Andy McGann and Paul Brady”
Shanachie LP 29009, 1977

“Andy McGann and Paul Brady: It’s A Hard Road to Travel”
Shanachie CD 34011, 1995

Wow, didn’t realise there was a hornpipe version.

You know what though: I think it makes a better reel 😉

Nah, I don’t necessarily know that. I quite like this as a hornpipe, especially in the key of D 😎 ~ but I only know of it ever being recorded in G, as far as I know. Also, but I haven’t been able to verify it, supposedly “The Bridge Céilí Band” played this one, and also recorded it somewhere, but, as said, I haven’t confirmed that rumour…

Bah, and I thought you had taste in hornpipes with all your raving on about Willy Taylor’s Shining Pool 🙂

Stop p*ssin’ around, Willy’s Shining Pool? 😏

I think I’m tempted to load up the blunderbus of rhythm with schott and blow the schottische out of this one Dow… You’d better just step aside, there, just in front of the melody, I don’t want to be tempted to miss… Do you know any hornpipey type steps lad? Heh, heh, heh…, I mean, heh>hehheh>heh heh2 heh2… 😎

“Kath Brennan’s Schottische”

I left this transcription pretty much as I found it, except for adding a few more triplets in obvious places. Here is a bit of work in another direction, in two keys, first with the ‘>’, and then ‘>’ free:

R: schottishified ~ moving in that direction
K: G Major
|: B>d |
g>ed>B G2 G2 | (3cBA B>G A2 (3EFG | D>G (3Bcd g2 g2 | (3efg a>g f2 (3def |
g>ed>B G>DB>D | (3cBA B>G A2 E>G | (3cBA B>G A>G (3EFG | D>G (3FGA G2 :|
|: d>f |
g>fg>a b2 (3agf | g2 (3fed B2 A>G | (3EFG A>B c2 (3BAG | (3EFG (3GAB c2 (3def |
g2 g>a b2 a2 | g>fe>d B2 B2 | (3cBA (3BAG A>G (3EFG | D>GF>A G2 :|

K: D Major
|: (3FGA |
d2 A>F D2 E>F | G2 F>G E2 B,2 | A,2 (3DFA d2 A2 | (3Bcd e>d c2 (3ABc |
d>BA>F D2 D2 | G>E (3FED E>DB,>D | G2 (3FED E2 (3B,CD | A2 D2 D2 :|
|: F>A |
d2 d>e f2 e2 | d2 (3cBA F2 (3FED | B,2 E2 G2 (3FED | B,DEF G2 (3ABc |
d>cd>e (3fga e>c | d>cB>A F2 E>F | (3GFE (3FED E>DB,>G, | A,2 D2 D2 :|

Sans the ‘>’ & (3:

K: G Major
|: Bd |
gedB G2 G2 | cABG A2 EG | DGBd g2 g2 | egag f2 df |
gedB GDBD | cABG A2 EG | cABG AGEG | DGFA G2 :|
|: df |
gfga b2 af | g2 fd B2 AG | EGAB c2 BG | EGAB c2 df |
g2 ga b2 a2 | gfed B2 B2 | cABG AGEG | DGFA G2 :|

K: D Major
|: FA |
d2 AF D2 EF | G2 FG E2 B,2 | A, D2 d3 A | Bded c2 Ac |
dBAF D2 D2 | GEFD EDB,D | G2 FD E2 B,D | A2 D2 D2 :|
|: FA |
d2 de f2 e2 | d2 cA F2 ED | B,2 E2 G2 FD | B,DEF G2 Ac |
dcde faec | dcBA F2 EF | GEFD EDB,G, | A,2 D2 D2 :|

I can cope with that a bit better but you tripletted the living daylights out of it there, didn’t you? You’d better get the mess cleaned up before J gets back from school - she’ll be horrified. Did you do that on a concertina or what? Where’s all that diarrhoea squirting out from? The end of your whistle?

Too much black horse hair…

“Favorite” as opposed to “Favourite”

Dow wanted me to explain myself. The only recordings or transcripts for this I’ve ever seen were the other side of the Atlantic, where they have the old spelling before French influenced the English to start adding ‘u’ to everything, like color and colour, the latter what we tend to do over here. Since those were the only sources and recordings, and they all spelled it with just an ‘o’, I’ve given that as the title and added ‘ou’ as alternate titles…

Dow thinks Americans truncated the spellings… It is his research project, but anyone else who wants to try to convince him otherwise, I’ve tried but you know how he is with me ~ please go ahead and pester him with history… 😎

Latin ~ only ‘o’…

Re: Katherine Brennan’s Favorite

Hornpipe version of the reel Swinging on a Gate: https://thesession.org/tunes/236, all the same notes with a few extra triplets and dotted rhythm in some settings.