The Stuart’s Rant reel

By Niel Gow

Also known as Stewart’s Rant, The Stewart’s Rant, Was Yow At The Wedding.

There are 7 recordings of this tune.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Stuart's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d|"G"B>c dg d2 Bd|"Am"cA eA "D7"a/g/f/e/ dc|
"G"B>c d/e/f/g/ d2Bd|"Am"cA/A/ "D7"fd "G"g2g:|d|
"G"B>G GG BG dG|"D7"F>E D/E/F/G/ AD cA|
"G"B>G GG BG dc|B>A "Am"G/A/B/c/ "D7"d2d>c|
"G"BG dG "Em"e/d/c/B/ AG|"D7"FD AD F>G Ac|
"G"B>A Gd g2dc|Bd "D7"A/B/c/d/ "G"BG G||
X: 2
T: The Stuart's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c/d/e f/g/a e2 ce|dBfB bBfB|c/d/e f/g/a e2 ce|dBge a2 Ae|
c/d/e f/g/a e2 ce|dBfB bBfB|cefa efce|defg a2 A||
c>A A/A/A cAcA|B>E E/E/E BEBd|cA A/A/A cAcA|BE E/E/E e2 Ae|
cAeA fAeA|GEBE GABd|cAeA AaeA|defg a2 A||
X: 3
T: The Stuart's Rant
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:e|c/d/e f/g/a e2 dc|dBgB aBgB|c/d/e f/g/a e2 dc|dBgB aAA:|
|:e|cA A/A/A cAcA|BE E/E/E BEBe|cA A/A/A cAcA|BE E/E/E aAA:|

Seven comments

The Stuart´s rant

I think this is a great tune, and I play it myself a lot on the tin whistle. I´ve transcribed it from the 1965 LP “I love Scotland” with Robert Gordon. This transcription is very close to Gordons own playing. He plays The Stuart´s rant in a session with two other tunes. (He calles the whole session General Stuar´s reel)

1. The Stuart´s rant
2. There was a lad born in Kyle
3. Duncan gray
(4. The Stuart´s rant - reprise ad lib)

This scottish reel is not played as fast as the traditional irish reel.

Nice additional comment Falkbeer, but what about the ‘details’? 😉 Is there really a Falkland beer?

Don’t forget to add the the LP information and comments to ‘Recordings’…

“The Stewart’s Rant” ~ “The Athole Collection”, 1884

James Stewart-Robertson’s work…

K: A Major
e |
c/d/e f/g/a e2 ce | dBfB bBfB | c/d/e f/g/a e2 ce | dBge a2 Ae |
c/d/e f/g/a e2 ce | dBfB bBfB | cefa efce | defg a2 A ||
e |
c>A A/A/A cAcA | B>E E/E/E BEBd | cA A/A/A cAcA | BE E/E/E e2 Ae |
cAeA fAeA | GEBE GABd | cAeA AaeA | defg a2 A ||

“The Stuart’s Rant” ~ further back to 1757

“A Collection of Scots Reels and Country Dances”
Robert Bremner, Edinburgh, 1757

K: A Mixolydian
|: e |
c/d/e f/g/a e2 dc | dBgB aBgB |
c/d/e f/g/a e2 dc | dBgB aAA :|
|: e |
cA A/A/A cAcA | BE E/E/E BEBe |
cA A/A/A cAcA | BE E/E/E aAA :|

Never mind that bit about the sheet music conversion -- the Bremner setting wasn’t converted up above, it was the Atholl version. Oops.