Cold Blow And The Rainy Night jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cold Blow And The Rainy Night
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
A|:D2G G2E|F2G A2d|d2A A2G|F2A D2A|
D2G G2E|F2G A2d|d2G B2A|G3 G3:|
"Add Drones (first 2 verses SILENCE)Verse"
D2G G2E|F2G A2d|d2A A2G|F2A D2A|
D2G G2E|F2G A2d|d2G B2A|G3 G3|
|:z6|z6|z3 edc|1 .B2G A3:|2 . B2G ~A3|(G6|G6)||
G2B B2G|A2B c2d|~f2 d ~d3|ded cAF|
G2B B2G|A2B c2d|fed cAD|(G3 G3)||
|:z6|z6|z3 edc|1 .B2G A3:|2 . B2G ~A3|(G6|G6)||
|:F2E D2D|F2E D3|d3 edc|1 . B2G A3:|2 . B2G ~A3|(G6|G5)A||
|:G2B B2G|A2B c2d|(3fga f g2e|d2c A2A|
G2B B2G|A2B c2d|a>gf edc|(B3 B3):|
|:A~D2 A~D2|A~D2 AD2|d3 edc|
[1. B2d A3:|2 . d2B ~c3|(B6|B6)||

Three comments

Cold Blow and The rainy night-Planxty’s Arrangement

Grand little song…not sure if it was Christy Moore or Johnny Moynaghan (sp.) whom actually sang the lead….I’ve been singing this song for a few years now and finally talked the lads in the band to play the music to it…so I spent all night transposing it from the old record…I may have missed a few variations, but the jist of it is there, I think….Ah! to the lengths I’ll go to avoid learning/singing “Danny Boy”!

Cold Blow..

So, when I wrote all this down, I separated the lead and harmony lines by scripting what each line was…apparently if I do this the notation won’t print, so the first two lines are the intro melody; the first sung verse and chorus are acapella, then the next two lines play along with the singing followed by the first chorus variations, then the verse line variations and so-on. the last two lines are the verse and chorus harmony lines…so there!

Good job

Thanks for sharing, you’ve spared me lot of work!