Fifty-nine recordings of Táimse Im’ Chodladh

Also known as ‘Tha Me Mo Chodladh, Do Not Waken Me From My Muse, I Am Asleep, I Am Asleep And Don’t Waken Me, Leave Me Sleep In This Vision, Tá Mé ‘mo Chodladh, Tá Mé Mo Chodladh, Taim I Mo Chodhladh Is Na Duisigh Me, Taime Mo Choladh, Taimse ‘im Chadal, Taimse ‘Im Chodladh, Taimse I M’ Chodladh Is Na Duistear Me, Taimse I M’Chodladh, Taimse I M’chodladh Is Na Duistear Me, Táimse I Mo Chodladh, Taimse I Mo Codhladh, Táimse I Mo Ċodlaḋ, Taimse Im Chodhlach, Táimse Im Chodladh, Táimse Im Choladh, Taímse Im’ Chodhladh, Táimse Im’ Choladh, Táimse Im’ Ċodlaḋ & Ná Dúistear Mé, Taimse Im’, Chodladh, Taimse Im’chodhladh, Taimse Mo Choladh, Tha Me Mo Chodladh, Tha Mi Am Chadal.

This tune has been recorded together with Andy McGann’s, The Bubbling Wine, The Cambridge, The Clumsy Lover, Colonel Fraser, The Geese In The Bog, The Happy Man, King Of The Fairies, O’Shaughnessy’s, The Phoenix, Smash The Windows.

  1. A Celtic Tapestry by Various Artists
  2. A Celtic Tapestry Vol2 by Various Artists
  3. An Tobar Glé by Neil Mulligan
  4. Between the Jigs and Reels: A Retrospective by Planxty
  5. Bothar Gan Briseadh/Down The Line by Calua
  6. Came The Dawn by Seamus Creagh
  7. Carolan’s Harp by Andrew Lawrence-King And The Harp Consort
  8. Celtic Fiddle - 60 Traditional Favourites by Levine Andrade, Kieran Barry & Mike Stanley
  9. Celtic Rhapsody: Sean McGuire with his Fiddle Orchestra Live from the National Concert Hall Dublin by Sean McGuire
  10. Celtic Sessions by The Blair Band
  11. Celtic Sessions by Na Connerys
  12. Celtic Voices by Various Artists
  13. Ceol Caithréimeach Na NGael by Na Dorsa
  14. Ceolta Seisiún Na HÉireann / Irish Session Tunes: The Red Book by Matt Cranitch And Friends
  15. Christmas in Ireland by Cherish The Ladies
  16. Dublin Made Me by Liam O’Connor And Seán McKeon
  17. Éistigh Seal by Matt Cranitch
  18. Farewell To Lough Neaghe by Bonnie Shaljean
  19. Fort Of The Jewels by Brian McNamara
  20. Ignorance Is Bliss by Dan Gurney
  21. In Your Blood by Mochara
  22. Irish Traditional Music In America: Chicago by Various Artists
  23. Jenny’s Wedding by Various Artists
  24. Ladybird by The Here & Now
  25. Lament by Various Artists
  26. Live In The Highlands by Maire Ni Chathasaigh And Chris Newman
  27. Magic & Mystery : Majestic Music From Scotland and Ireland by Various Artists
  28. Magic Irish Instrumentals by Various Artists
  29. Mellow Frenzy by Carlene Anglim and Alastair Gittens
  30. Music of the Irish Celts by Dicky Deegan
  31. My Favourite Irish Melodies by Geraldine O’Grady
  32. Oidhreacht by Conor Keane
  33. One Day :: November Woods by Ryan Molloy and Fergal Scahill
  34. Over The Moon by Catriona MacDonald
  35. Singing Sands by Tony McManus And Alain Genty
  36. Sweet Liberty by Garva
  37. Take A Bow by Matt Cranitch
  38. The Ancient Music Of Ireland by Various Artists
  39. The Beat of the Breath by Brian Hughes
  40. The Boys Of The Town by Paul McGlinchey
  41. The Breeze From Erin by Various Artists
  42. The Celtic Harp by The Chieftains
  43. The Frost Is All Over by Patrick Mangan
  44. The Glory Days Are Over by Eileen Gannon
  45. The Humours Of Lisheen by John And Julia Clifford
  46. The Irish Concertina by Noel Hill
  47. The Leg Of The Duck by Joe Burke, Michael Cooney And Noreen Donoghue
  48. The Mountain Road by Various Artists
  49. The Reed That Bends in the Storm by Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker, John Doyle
  50. The Rushy Mountain: Classic Music From Sliabh Luachra 1952-77 by Various Artists
  51. The Second Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert by Various Artists
  52. The Sweets of May/Aoibhneas na Bealtaine: The Céilí Band Era, Music & Dance of South Armagh by Various Artists
  53. Turn To Me by Bill Jones
  54. Uilleann Tales by Chris McMullan
  55. Up In The Air by Danu
  56. Whistle Flute Favourites by Jules Bitter
  57. Words And Music by Planxty
  58. Zoë Conway by Zoe Conway
  59. Zoe Conway Live DVD by Zoe Conway