Canarios jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Canarios
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: de | fef gfg | f3 edc | Bcd ~edc |1 d3-d :|2 d3 |
|: fgf | efe ded | cdc AGA | Bcd efg |1 f3 :| f2d-dA2 |
|: B2B c2c | d2dzF2 | G2GA2A | F2D-DA2 |
B2B c2c | d3za2 | g2ga2a |1 d2d-dA2 :|2 d2d-dzz |
|: dB=c BAG | F3-Fze | fgf edc | d3-d2z :|
|:dcd cdc | BcB ABA | BAB AGA | F2D-DzA :|
|: dcd efg | f2fzzd | Bcd cdc |1 d3-dzA :|2 d3-d2 |]

Five comments


This is something so unusual as a spanish jig. It´s actually an arrangement by myself of a classical guitar piece by the spanish composer Gaspar Sanz (1650-1710). However a couple of years ago i found out that it works exellently (in this arrangement) on the tin whistle too! I think it will blend in in an irish session without to many questions asked.

Error corrected

There is an error in the sheet music (not mine). This is corrected in the ABC-file.

I have paired this with Arthur Darley’s which has some similar phrases.

Re: Canarios

This a tune by Kapsberger isn’t it? Not Sanz. Kapsberger was a Venetian German who preceded Sanz by nearly 100 years.
Not that I knew him of course!