One recording of a tune named
Beare Island
With a tune named
The Green Fields Of Glentown

Beare Island (reel) is also known as Bare Island, Barra Island, Bear Island, Beara Island, The Beara Island, Beare Haven, The Beare Island, The Bearhaven Lassies, Bere Island, The Berehaven Lassies, The Bheara, B�ara, Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy, Finbarr Dwyer’s Fancy, R’il Bheara, Ril Bheara, Ril Bhearra.

The Green Fields Of Glentown (reel) is also known as The Green Feilds Of Glentown, The Green Fields Of Glen Town, The Green Hills Of Glentown, The Greenfields Of Glentown, Tommy Peoples’.

Selkie by Mick Conneely

  1. The Glen Of Aherlow
  2. Ril Bhearra
  3. The Green Fields Of Glentown