Fair And Easy jig

Also known as Fair & Easy, The Fair & Easy, The Fair And Easy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fair And Easy
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|: ABA Acd|e2d efg| G2F G2A|B2A Bcd |
ABA Acd | e2d efg | efg edB| A3 A2z:|
|: g2f g2e |f2g a2z| g2f g2e |dBG GBd|
g2f g2e|f2g a2z| efg edB| A3 A2z:|

Four comments


This is a march I learned and told myself that I wouldnt remember because it was so similar to other tunes I know… but it just has a special character to it and it has stuck with me.

From the Ceolas Fiddler’s companion…

FAIR AND AISY (I’LL BE RID OF HER). AKA and see "Fair and Aisy I’ll Get Out of It," "Kick the Pope." American, March (6/8) or Jig. D Major. Standard. AB. The original Irish title was "Kick the Pope," while the title above and the 1st alternate were the inspiration of old Scottish fifer Dick Gibson in an effort to gentrify the Orange sensibilities of the Pope title. Bayard (1981) belives it belongs to the same tune group as "Bung Your Eye"…

Bung Your Eye

Other than 6/8 and a few similarities, I dont think its that closely related…. I may have more info on this tune later.

Last 2 measures of each phrase

Last 2 measures should probably be… |efg edB| A3 A2z:|

Fair and easy

Gentrifying orange sensibilities You have made my day