Miss E MacLeod reel

Also known as Miss E. MacLeod, Mrs E. MacLeod, Mrs. E. MacLeod.

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Miss E MacLeod

Another old Scottish 4 bar reel, this time from the pen of Robert MacIntosh, published in 1803. You won’t hear this played much in Scotland, however, but you’ll hear it lots in Cape Breton where it is a very popular session standard.
This setting is from the playing of Howie MacDonald. The G natural in bar 3 of the B part is typical Howie.

Would Mss E MacLeod be Mrs MacLeod of Raasay’s daughter?

A dae ken.
There were probably an awful lot of MacLeods around. It’s like asking if Mindy Smith is John Smith’s daughter.
It would be nice to think that tunes could have offspring (which they undoubtably do in the sense of influence). Much harder is building up the family tree.