Andy M. Stewart’s reel

By Phil Cunningham

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One setting

X: 1
T: Andy M. Stewart's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Dddc d3e|fdec dcAB|=cG (3GGG ec (3ccc|g=cfg a2 fg|
aAfa g2 fe|dcde dcAB|=cG (3GGG cdeg|fgec dBAF:|
|:DA, (3B,=C^C D2 (3DDD|ADFA G=CEG|FDDC Ddde|(3faf ec d2 (3ef^g|
a3f g2 fe|fd (3edc dcAB|=cG (3GGG cdeg|fgec dBAG:|
FAEA D2 dD|DdAd (3Bcd eg|faec dcAB|=cG (3GGG efge|
aAfa g2 fe|dcde dcAB|=cG (3GGG cdeg|fgec dBAG|
FAEA D2 dD|(3DDD dA (3Bcd eg|fage fd (3ddd|dfec d2 fg|
aAfa g2 fe|dcde dcAB|=cG (3GGG cdeg|fgec d4||
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Andy M. Stewart’s Reel

Composed by Phil Cunningham - unsure of date. I usually need to oil the joints to get this one to fly

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Have tried to check the source and failed! But it comes from a (very creased)handwritten fiddle workshop set - North Scotland around 2000/01.

Could probably do with some ornamentation / variation added but kept the ABC’s simple. Will try to access either of the recordings mentioned from a box playing friend and compare.

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Andy M. Stewart’s Reel

I think I put this one in the Requests section, so thanks a lot for providing it, fifer!

Re: Andy M. Stewart’s

Photo of Andy in my mum’s kitchen, 1975, on the home page at the moment.
The tune first surfaced on Phil’s solo album “Airs And Graces”, released in 1984.
Andy M., RIP.

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