One recording of a tune named
Miss Wedderburn’s
With a tune named
Lady Madelina Sinclair

Miss Wedderburn’s (reel) is also known as Atholl Braes, The Burn O’ Cairnie, The Burn O’ Carnie, The Burn O’ Craigie, The Burn Of Carnie, Miss Wedderburn, Miss Wederburn.

Lady Madelina Sinclair (strathspey) is also known as A’ Bhean A Bh’ Aig An Tàillear Chaol, A’ Bhean A Bh’aig An Taillear Chaol, Braes Of Aberarder, The Braes Of Aberarder, Lady Madalena Sinclair, Lady Madalina Sinclair’s Birthday, Lady Madeline Sinclair, The Skinny Tailor’s Wife.

Jerry Holland by Jerry Holland

  1. Lady Madelina Sinclair
  2. Lord Blantyre
  3. Miss Wedderburn