Danse De Chez Nous jig

Also known as Dance De Chez Nous, Danse Carré, Deuxième Partie, Set Carre, Deuxieme Partie.

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Six settings

X: 1
T: Danse De Chez Nous
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:E|DGB d2 B|e2 B dBG|DGB d2 B|e2 B cAF|
DFA c2 A|d2 A cAF|DFA cBA|1 GBe d2:|2 GB/c/d g2||
|:f|g2 B d2 G|B3- B2 E|DD/E/F GAB|c3- c2 d|
e2 A c2 G|F3- F2 d|f>ed cBA|1 GBe dd/e/:|2 G3 GF||
X: 2
T: Danse De Chez Nous
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2 B dGG|B3 B2 G|D>EF GAB|c3 c2 d|
eAA cDD|F3 F2 d|f>ed cBA|1 B3 B2:|2 G3 G2||
DGB d2 B|e2 B dBG|DG/A/B dBB|eBB cAF|
DFA cAA|dAA cAF|DF/G/A cBA|1 BGE D2:|2 G3 G2||
|:DGB d2 B|e2 B d3|DGB d2 B|e2 B c3|
DFA c2 A|d2 A c3|DFA cBA|1 GBe d3:|2 G3- G2||
g2 B d2 G|B3- B2 E|DEF GAB|
[1 c3- c2 d|e2 A c2 G|F3- F2 d|fed cBA|B3- B2:|
[2 e3- e2 f|gec gec|gdB gdB|fed cBA|G6||
X: 3
T: Danse De Chez Nous
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"g2B d2G|B3- B2G|DEF GAB|"Am"c3- c2d|"D7"e2A c2G|F3- F2d
fed cBA|1 "G"B3- B2:|2 "G"G6||
|:"G"DGB d2B|e2B dBG|DGB d2B|e2B "D7"cAF|DFA c2A|d2A cAF|
DFA cBA|1 "G"G3{Be}d3:|2 "G"G3{Bd}g3||
X: 4
T: Danse De Chez Nous
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGB d2 B|e2 B dBG|DGB d2 B|e2 B cAF|
DFA c2 A|d2 A cAF|DFA cBA|1 G3 d3:|2 G3 g2 d||
|:g2 B d2 G|B3- B2 G|DEF GAB|c3- c2 d|
e2 A c2 G|F3- F2 d|fed cBA|1 B3- B2:|2 G6||
X: 5
T: Danse De Chez Nous
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EAc e2 c|f2 c ecA|EAc e2 c|f2 c dBG|
EGB d2 B|e2 B dBG|EGB d2 B|1 Acf e2:|2 Ace a2||
a2 c e2 A|c3 c2 E|EFG ABc|d3 d2 e|
f2 B d2 E|G3 G2 e|gfe dcB|1 Acf e2:|2 Ac/d/e a2||
X: 6
T: Danse De Chez Nous
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
cAA AFF FD2- Ddd|1 ded cBA BG2- G:|2 ded cBA G3- G||
cAA AFF F D2- Ddd|ded cBA G3- G||

Twenty comments

“Dance de Chez Nous” / “Aunt Mary’s Canadian Jig” / “Neil Taylor’s Jig”

Alias “The Canadian Jig Set”… This was one of the sets of jigs “The Shepherds” used to play, Willy Taylor on fiddle, Joe Hutton on Northumbrian smallpipes & Will Atkinson on harmonica. Unfortunately it is one track I don’t have so I haven’t been able to transcribe direct from their playing for this particular tune, the first in the set. That means you get it slighly affected by my take on things, but I’ve tried to be conservative. For balance I will follow with other transcriptions of the melody…

“Dance de Chez Nous” is also played in the key of A Major…

“Dance de Chez Nous” ~ other possibilities

Aside from also being played in A Major, it can be found played with the A & B parts reversed, BBAA:

K: G Major
|: d |
g2 B dGG | B3 B2 G | D>EF GAB | c3 c2 d |
eAA cDD | F3 F2 d | f>ed cBA |1 B3 B2 :|2 G3 G2 ||
|: B |
DGB d2 B | e2 B dBG | DG/A/B dBB | eBB cAF |
DFA cAA | dAA cAF | DF/G/A cBA |1 BGE D2 :|2 G3 G2 ||

~ and with my fondness for longer second endings:

K: G Major
|: DGB d2 B | e2 B d3 | DGB d2 B | e2 B c3 |
DFA c2 A | d2 A c3 | DFA cBA |1 GBe d3 :|2 G3- G2 ||
|: d |
g2 B d2 G | B3- B2 E | DEF GAB |
[1 c3- c2 d | e2 A c2 G | F3- F2 d | fed cBA | B3- B2 :|
[2 e3- e2 f | gec gec | gdB gdB | fed cBA | G6 ||

Danse caree, deuxieme partie

Another name for this lovely gigue! I know, there are a lot of square dances in Quebec, and this is part of one ot them. I like your taste in music.

Great, I love it, thanks for the addition vonnieestes, always welcome. I love les carré Quebecois. We just need at least a few more usuals to come on board, and I’m hoping one of them will add the ABC’s for Philippe Bruneau’s excellent but turned around way with it, ‘BBAA’, another who plays it in G…

“Quadrilles Quebecois”!

Danse caree, deuxieme partie = square dance, second part (figure)

Danse c‘est bon ~ c’est bon temps!!!

For anyone who may come across this and not know, in Quebec, as in the rest of the Canadian Maritimes and beyond, which includes the islands of Isles de la Madeleine, Prince Edward, Cape Breton and Newfoundland ~ the quadrilles are part of the tradition, as they are in Eire, where they are mostly referred to as ‘sets’, from the older full phrase “set of quadrilles”… The same sets were danced in all these places, and this includes what was known as ‘The Plain Set’, or ‘1st Set’, or ‘Paris Set’, ‘Les Lanciers’ / ‘The Lancers’, and the Caledonian, to name the most common… North American square dance, both sides of the border and in various ‘states’ (provinces 😉 ), from loose, welcoming and old time to starched, precise, competitive and federated, evolved from these common roots… You can find some interesting introductions to one of my favourite forms, including how to call and figures, here:

~ a look at southern squares ~
~ West Virginia Squares ~ Bob Dalsemer
~ the Kentucky Running Set ~ Hugh Stewart

It’s a super tune which we already play with “Lemonville”
“DCN” being the 2nd. tune. We play it fairly steadily, somewhat slowly I suppose.

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Hey, there’s one already… So, what key do you play it in hetty?

Bruneau’s version of Danse de chez nous

I found Philippe Bruneau’s version under this link:


T: Danse de chez nous
O: Philippe Bruneau
R: jig
Z: 1997 by John Chambers http://eddie.mit.edu/~jc/music/abc/
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: G
d \
|: “G”g2B d2G | B3- B2G | DEF GAB | “Am”c3- c2d | “D7”e2A c2G | F3- F2d
| fed cBA |1 “G”B3- B2 :|2 “G”G6 ||
|: “G”DGB d2B | e2B dBG | DGB d2B | e2B “D7”cAF | DFA c2A | d2A cAF |
DFA cBA |1 “G”G3{Be}d3 :|2 “G”G3{Bd}g3 |]

I knew you’d come through Carabus, and you give credit where it is due too… 🙂

“Danse de Chez Nous” ~ Philippe Bruneau on its head

Here is that transcriptions with the A & B parts moved around for a closer comparison with the other takes here ~

O: Philippe Bruneau
K: G Major
|: DGB d2 B | e2 B dBG | DGB d2 B | e2 B cAF |
DFA c2 A | d2 A cAF | DFA cBA |[1 G3 d3 :|[2 G3 g2 d |]
|: g2 B d2 G | B3- B2 G | DEF GAB | c3- c2 d |
e2 A c2 G | F3- F2 d | fed cBA |[1 B3- B2 :|[2 G6 ||

Just realized the missing d for the first ending of that B-part:

~ |[1 B3- B2 d :|[2 G6 ||

“Danse de Chez Nous” ~ A Major

K: A Major
|: A |
EAc e2 c | f2 c ecA | EAc e2 c | f2 c dBG |
EGB d2 B | e2 B dBG | EGB d2 B |[1 Acf e2 :|[2 Ace a2 ||
|: g |
a2 c e2 A | c3 -c2 E | EFG ABc | d3 -d2 e |
f2 B d2 E | G3 -G2 e | gfe dcB |[1 Acf e2 :|[2 Ac/d/e a2 ||


Pour vous ‘c’
“Lemonville” as here on the session in ‘D’ and “DdeCN” in ‘G’

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Mexican Hat Dance

The second half sounds very similar to The Mexican Hat Dance. Is there some cosmic-music connection?


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“The Mexican Hat Dance” 😏


K: G Major
|: dd |
dBB BGG GD2- DB,C | DEF GAB cA2- Acc |
cAA AFF FD2- Ddd |[1 ded cBA BG2- G :|[2 ded cBA G3- G ||
AA |
dBB BGG G D2- DB,C | DEF GAB c A2- Acc |
cAA AFF F D2- Ddd | ded cBA G3- G ||

Mexican Hat Dance

I seenkey so too: eef dey are note seesteres dey mastey bee coseens