The Piggot Family Schottische barndance

Also known as The Piggot Family, The Piggot Family’s Schottische, The Piggot Family’s, Polca Schottische, Schottische Polka.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Piggot Family Schottische
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:d>c|B2 d2 g2 b2|b>a (3^gab a2 e2|f>e (3def e2 F>A|e>d^c>e d>AB>=c|
d2 g2 b2- b>c'|b>a^g>b a4|f>ed>B c>FB>D|G>d (3Bcd G2:|
K: Dmaj
|:F>G|A>^GA>d f2 f2|A2 A>d f>^e f2|e2 e>d c2 (3Bcd|c>BA>B A>G (3EFG|
A>^GA>d f>^e f2|A>BA>d f4|e2 e>d c>Ad>B|c>A (3GFE D2:|
X: 2
T: The Piggot Family Schottische
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:dc|B2 d2 g2 b2|ba^gb a2 e2|fedf e2 FA|ed^ce d2- d=c|
B2 d2 g2 b2|ba^gb a4|f2 eB cFBD|GdBd G2:|
K: D Major
|:FG|A^GAd f2 f2|A2 Ad f^e f2|e2 ed c2 Bd|cBAB AGFG|
A^GAd f^e f2|ABAd f4|e2 ed cAdB|cAGE D2:|

Seven comments

“The Piggot Family Schottische / Barndance”

~ minus the gingerbread ~ 😉

K: G Major
|: dc |
B2 d2 g2 b2 | ba^gb a2 e2 | fedf e2 FA | edce d3 c |
B2 d2 g2 b2 | ba^gb a4 | f2 eB cFBD | GdBd G2 :|
K: D Major
|: FG |
A^GAd f2 f2 | A2 Ad f^e f2 | e2 ed c2 Bd | cBAB AGFG |
A^GAd f^e f2 | ABAd f4 | e2 ed cAdB | cAGE D2 :|

“Polca Schottische” / “Schottische Polka”

“Ceol Rince na hÉireann V”
Breandán Breathnach / Jackie Small
An Gum, Dublin. 1999
ISBN: 1-85791-278-0
Page 46, tune #88: “Polca Schottische”

Gleaned in great part from Nigel Gatherer’s translations for the notes from the book for #s 88 & 30 ~

Polca Schottische / Schottische Polka ~ a tune from a handwritten collection dated at the beginning of the 20th Century and written by various people, most transcriptions attributed to the Pigott family of east Kerry. Breandán Breathnach acquired a copy of the manuscript from Con O‘Flynn of Castleisland, County Kerry. This tune and possibly some others may have been copied from a printed source. A number of collections and sheetmusic, as for the ’German flute’ and other instruments, were in circulation at the turn of the century, dated from at least the 19th Century forward…

In “Ceol Rince V” they have chosen to transcribe this as 2/4, which in my opinion does not do it justice…

2/4 transcriptions of barndances and schottisches (& marches), despite the usual swing in such tunes, is not unusual in earlier transcriptions…

The Piggot Family Schottische

To clarify ceolachan’s comment above, the translations of the CRE notes were done by Paul de Grae; they are merely housed on my site.

Nigel Gatherer

Sorry Nigel, I missed adding that… I must be tired today, I’ve been misspelling more than usual ~ a problem neighbour who does not like music of any kind and yesterday pounded on our door to complain about BBC Radio 4 at around 9 a.m…. No, we don’t put the volume up loud. This person is flat-sitting for the usual neighbour…

I appreciate the clarification…

thanks for this.