The Roseland barndance

Also known as Joe Derrane’s.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: The Roseland
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:(3Bcd|f>Bd>f e>Ac>e|d>GB>d c>F^A>c|(3BcB (3dcd (3f^ef (3b^ab|a>fd>f a2 (3Bcd|
f>Bd>f e>Ac>e|d>GB>d c>F^A>c|B>fd>B A>ec>A|F>Ad>c B2:|
K: Dmaj
|:(3Adf|a>f (3dcB B>dg>a|b2 a2 a2 (3Adf|a2 g2 g2 (3Ace|g2 f2 f2 (3Adf|
a>f (3dcB B>d (3gab|b2 a2 a2 (3Adf|a>ge>c A>Bc>d|e>dc>e d2:|
K: Gmaj
|:(3Bc^c|d>GB>d e>GB>d|e>Ac>e f>Ac>e|f>Bd>f g>Bd>f|a>ge>c A>DD>c|
(3BcB G>B d2 c>B|(3ABc A>B (3cBA d>c|(3BcB G>F E>cE>F|A>GF>A G2:|
X: 2
T: The Roseland
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:Bd|fBdf eAce|dGBd cF^Ac|B2 d2 f2 b2|afdf a2 Bd|
fBdf eAce|dGBd cF^Ac|BfdB AecA|FAdc B2:|
K: D Major
|:Af|afdB Bdga|b2 a2 a2 Af|a2 g2 g2 Ae|g2 f2 f2 Af|
afdB Bdga|b2 a2 a2 Af|agec ABcd|edce d2:|
K: G Major
|:Bc|dGBd eGBd|eAce fAce|fBdf gBdf|agec ADdc|
B2 GB d2 cB|A2 AB cAdc|B2 GF EcEF|AGFA G2:|
X: 3
T: The Roseland
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:Bd|fBdf eAce|dG (3Bcd cF^Ac|(3B^AB (3dcd (3f^ef (3b^ab|(3afd (3Adf aA (3Bcd|
fBdf eAce|dG (3Bcd cF^Ac|Bf (3dcB Ae (3cBA|(3FBc dc B2:|
K: D Major
|:(3Adf|afdc Bdga|b2 a2 a2 (3Adf|a2 g2 g2 (3Ace|g2 f2 f2 (3Adf|
afdc Bdga|ba (3^gab a2 (3Adf|(3a^ga (3=gfe (3cBA (3B=c^c|(3dcd (3cde d2:|
K: G Major
|:Bc|dGBd e^GBe|eAce f^A^cf|fBdf (3gfg (3efg|agec A2 dc|
BDGB d2 cB|(3ABc (3ABc (3cBA dc|BAGF EcEF|Dz Fz G2:|
X: 4
T: The Roseland
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:(3Bcd|f>Bd>f e>Ac>e|d>GB>d c>B^A>c|(3BcB (3dcd (3f^ef (3b^ab|(3afd (3Adf a2 (3Bcd|
f>Bd>f e>Ac>e|d>GB>d c>B^A>c|B>fd>B A>ec>A|(3F^Ac d>c B2:|
|:(3fg^g|a>fd>c B>eg>a|b>a^g>b a3 b|a2 f2 g3a|g2 e2 f3 g|
a>f2 d>c B>e g>a|b>a ^g>b a2(3fg^g|a>d f>a b>g e>c|d2 (3cde d2|
|:(3Bc^c|d>GB>d e>Ac>e|e>Ac>e f>Bd>f|f>Bd>f g2 b>g|a>g e>c A2 d>c|
B>AB>c d2 c>B|(3ABc (3ABc e2 d>c|B>A G>F E>c A>F|G2 (3FGA G2:|
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Eight comments

“The Roseland Barndance” ~ by Joe Derrane

Minus the gingerbread ( < & (3 )

X: 1134
T: The Roseland Barndance
C: Joe Derrane
S: Joe Derrane
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: barndance / schottische
K: b minor
|: Bd |
fBdf eAce | dGBd cF^Ac | B2 d2 f2 b2 | afdf a2 Bd |
fBdf eAce | dGBd cF^Ac | BfdB AecA | FAdc B2 :|
K: D Major
|: Af |
afdB Bdga | b2 a2 a2 Af | a2 g2 g2 Ae | g2 f2 f2 Af |
afdB Bdga | b2 a2 a2 Af | agec ABcd | edce d2 :|
K: G Major
|: Bc |
dGBd eGBd | eAce fAce | fBdf gBdf | agec ADdc |
B2 GB d2 cB | A2 AB cAdc | B2 GF EcEF | AGFA G2 :|

Note: this transcription was made from recordings of Joe Derrane playing it… I take responsibility for that one triplet in bar 5 of the B-part…

“joe derrame, with Carl Hession: return to inis mór” ~ one recording

~ a note from the composer, and something shared ~

“My great accordion teacher and friend Jerry O’Brien was putting together his second accordion tutor book back in 1952. When Jerry heard my then untitled composition he wanted it for his book. Because he was scheduled to go to the printer in a matter of days I hastily jotted down the notation and gave it to him. Absent a title he simply named it ‘Joe Derrane’s Composition’. I now play only three of the original four parts. (as given here) Age and experience have taught me that sometimes ‘less is more’.”

That last bit ~ “less is more” ~ is the ‘something shared’…

“Joe Derrane”

Maybe Alex’s finger crossings are contagious and transferrable?


See also Hibernian Rhapsody, just released - the Frankie Gavin treatment of this tune. It has kind of a loony tunes sound - like the soundtrack to one of those old cartoons from the late 30’s. I don’t write this with any malice, by the way - just an observation

The Roseland, X:3

This is a transcription of the Roseland Barndance as played by North Cregg on their 2007 album titled “The Roseland Barndance.” The triplets don’t always fall as shown here but I believe they represent the predominant pattern. The triplets add a lot of “shine” to this tune. That C section is notably different than the other two versions of the tune already posted and I particularly like the chromatic climb built into the first couple measures of that section.

Re: The Roseland

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