Forty recordings of Catharsis

Also known as The Catharsis.

This tune has been recorded together with Reel Béatrice (a few times), Andy Broon’s, The Auld Fiddler, The Banshee, The Beehive, The Bus Stop, Chanter’s Song, The Concert, Eileen Curran, The Fermoy Lasses, The Four Strokes, The Girl Who Broke My Heart, The Glen Of Aherlow, Glory, John Keith Lang, Julia Delaney’s, Lament For The Death Of The Rev. Archie Beaton, Larmor Plage, The Mason’s Apron, McMahon’s, Missing Time, Mistwold, Music For A Found Harmonium, The Oak Leaf, The Old Hag Of Galway, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy On The Landfill, The Reconciliation, The Red Crow, The Road To Errogie, Shuffle, Siobhan O’Donnell’s, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’, Smelling Fresh, Spootiskerry, Stomach Steinway Man, Tam Lin, The Trip To Windsor, Tuttle’s, The Union.

  1. 12 Little Devils by The Pack
  2. 2019 – A Breeze Odyssey by Harmundi
  3. Cartography by Threepenny Bit
  4. Catharsis by Burning Bridget Cleary
  5. Cavan Bucks by Cavan Bucks
  6. Dusty Windowsill by Coquitlam Celtic Ensemble
  7. Eyes Wide Open by Harriet Bartlett
  8. Faster Than A Walk by The Moving Violations
  9. Fired up Folklore by Katie Jane & Castletown
  10. Five Miles From Town by The Retrospectacles
  11. Hò-rò by Hò-rò
  12. How’s The Craic? by Gary Innes
  13. Inspired by Give Way
  14. Into The West by Leaping Lulu
  15. Itchy Fingers by Rowan Leslie
  16. Jane Blair And William MacMorran by Jane MacMorran
  17. Journey Work by Popcorn Behavior
  18. Live in McDermott’s by Foolin In Doolin
  19. Movin’ On by David Di Giuseppe
  20. Myrddin by Celtic Sands
  21. No Boundaries by Natalie MacMaster
  22. O’er The Moor, Among The Heather by Deby Benton Grosjean
  23. Off Da Wall by Ril Óg
  24. Percolatin’ by Coffee Zombies
  25. Scottish Piano Fusion by Sandy Meldrum
  26. South Side of the Strings by Ryan d’Aoust
  27. Spirit Of The Isles: A Concert For Beltane by Various Artists
  28. The Contrarians by Contrarians
  29. The High Drive by Coastline
  30. The Night Before by The Night Before
  31. The Red House - The Heritage Of The Scottish Fiddle by Chris Duncan, Julian Thompson & Catherine Strutt
  32. The Rolling Waves by Shindig
  33. The Tidy Cottage by Turlach Boylan
  34. The Winding Road by Trip to Nelson
  35. Three Bean Salad by Three Bean Salad
  36. Volume 1 by Augusta Ceili Band
  37. West of Ireland by Nine-8ths Irish
  38. Who? by Darren Maloney
  39. Wired Up by Alistair McCulloch
  40. Wish Hill by All Jigged Out