Eleven recordings of Ridee

Also known as Laridé, Laridé à Six Temps, Ridée 6 Temps, Ridée à Six Temps, Ridée Six Temps, Ridees 6 Temps, St. Patrice.

This tune has been recorded together with Ridee (a few times), Lucky In Love, Maggie’s Pancakes, Magnificent Six, The Paper Bird, Rond De Loudéac, St. Kilda Wedding, Willie Smith’s.

  1. Chilling On A Sunday by Kasír
  2. Én Arbenn De by Arnaud Ciapolino & Roland Conq
  3. Fest-Noz by Pennou Skoulm
  4. Fused by Michael McGoldrick
  5. Idir by At First Light
  6. Korong by Kornog
  7. Krack by Krack
  8. Pacific by The House Band
  9. Session A9 by Session A9
  10. Sweet And Sour by Dún An Doras
  11. The Story So Far… by Lúnasa