Young Sandy Tulloch reel

By Jimmy Shand

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Young Sandy Tulloch
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:d/e/f|gG G/G/G BGDG|c2 B/A/G AD D/D/D|DG G/G/G BG G/G/G|AB ^c/B/A d2 ef|
|:cA|Bdde d2 B/A/G|B/c/d ed gdBA|Bdde dGBd|edcB A/A/A Gc|
Bd d/d/e dGcA|Bdef g3 a|b2 a/g/f gfed|egdB A2:|
X: 2
T: Young Sandy Tulloch
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
gG (3GGG BG GG|cBAG FD D2|gG (3GGG BG GG|ABcA defd|
Bdde dBAG|Bdde d2 B2|Bdde dGBd|edcB A2 G2|
Bdde dBAG|Bdde d2 ga|bgaf gfed|(3efg dB A3:|
X: 3
T: Young Sandy Tulloch
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d|g>d (3efg d<GB>A|G>AB>A G<E_ED|E>D (3EFG D>EG>e|d>Ge>G F<AA
d|g>d (3efg d<GB>A|G>AB>A G<E_ED|E<GD>E G>AB>e|d>B (3ABc B<G G||
c|B>Gd>c B>GD>c|B>Gd>B c/B/A/G/ A>c|B>Gd>c B>GD>G|E>A c/B/A/G/ D<G G
c|B>Gd>c B>GD>c|B>Gd>B c/B/A/G/ A>d|g>d (3efg d<GB>e|d>B (3ABc B<G G||

Eleven comments

“Young Sandy Tulloch” ~ by Jimmy Shand

The seeds for this ~

Discussion: “The old ones are the best…”
# Posted on April 4th 2007 by Key Maniac Lad

“A number of labels from the 78rpm era have incorrect attributions, so that may be the source of the mistake. As has been shown above, Shand didn’t write “The Belfast Hornpipe” and he didn’t compose “The Bluebell Polka” either. He wrote quite a lot of tunes but the vast majority are, in my opinion, fairly mediocre. Here’s one of his better ones:”

X: 1
T: Young Sandy Tulloch - Reel
C: Jimmy Shand
R: reel
B: Jimmy Shand, Scottish Dance Album Book 2 (1953) Pub. James S.Kerr, Glasgow
Z: John Chambers <>
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: G
|: d |
gG (3GGG BG GG | cBAG FD D2 | gG (3GGG BG GG | ABcA defd |
gG (3GGG BG GG | cBAG FD D2 | GABG ABcA | (3Bcd DF G2 G :|
|: c |
Bdde dBAG | Bdde d2 B2 | Bdde dGBd | edcB A2 G2 |
Bdde dBAG | Bdde d2 ga | bgaf gfed | (3efg dB A3 :|

Re “I don’t play this tune, and I’m not sure I play any of Shand’s compositions; this is simply taken directly from one of his many publications.”

Nigel Gatherer

# Posted on April 4th 2007 by nigelg

There is also a Strathspey carrying the same title but a different melody…

Any variation from reasonable I can blame on this toothache… 🙁

Young Sandy Tulloch

Thanks, ceolachan, except that’s not my ABC transcription. I’d prefer if you’re going to quote my post that you didn’t change any of it.

The Strathspey of the same name is quite a good tune

T:Young Sandy Tulloch - strathspey
C:Jimmy Shand
S:Jimmy Shand Scottish Dance Album Bk.2 (1953)
Z:Nigel Gatherer
d | g>d (3efg d<GB>A | G>AB>A G<E_ED | E>D (3EFG D>EG>e | d>Ge>G F<AA
d | g>d (3efg d<GB>A | G>AB>A G<E_ED | E<GD>E G>AB>e | d>B (3ABc B<G G ||
c | B>Gd>c B>GD>c | B>Gd>B c/B/A/G/ A>c | B>Gd>c B>GD>G | E>A c/B/A/G/ D<G G
c | B>Gd>c B>GD>c | B>Gd>B c/B/A/G/ A>d | g>d (3efg d<GB>e | d>B (3ABc B<G G |]

Sorry Nigel, what did I miss? I’d better go check…

I just saw that when I did the final cut and paste, as I was looking at two sets of ABC’s, yours and John Chambers, I cut off the wrong bits and left ~ Z: John Chambers <> ~ by mistake… The transcriptions were from the same source, as listed, and note for note except that John made his endings so ~ | | (3efg dB A2- A :|

If it is the spacing, as I tend to do automatically, either side of a bar line, and stacking the lines so that relative measure are above and under each other, such as bar 1 & 5, etc., that is as I suspect my dyslexic nature, being somewhat visually driven. I find the ABC’s easier to read that way and have tended to do them that way since the 60’s… Apologies if any of that is what you meant… 😏

Young Sandy Tulloch

It’s the principle, ceolachan. If something has my name at the bottom of it, I wouldn’t have expected any of it to have been changed. No big deal, I suppose, but it’s a principle.

As for the actual tune which you have submitted, it’s been altered quite significantly. If it’s your adaptation of Shand’s tune, it might be an idea to say that upfront, just so there’s no margin for error. I’m not saying it’s wrong to rewrite a tune, but if you do, spell it out so that the facts are known.

This has been a public announcement on behalf of Nitpickers Anonymous.

Alterations by ~

Oh, damn, yes, I thought that was obvious. I gave your transcription as balance so that it would show what I’d done to it. The first line ~ “The seeds for this ~”… Maybe I took that too for granted? I sure wouldn’t have missed that if someone else had submitted it so, but I lean toward the same society of belief even if I sometimes fail in practice…persnickity if not nitpiking, though I am starting to feel that way some now.

No, I am usually very careful when I add something by someone else, persnickity and considerate and not wanting to leave anything out. You know how I am about crediting tunes to their sources. As I said, any changes to the ‘ABC copy’ of the book’s dots would have been an oversight or my dyslexic-visual tendencies… I could have just credited the original source, the book it was taken from, but it would have taken time for me to see it and I trusted your ABC’s were a just representation of the book, and were in agreement with a second source I’d found. If it had been your own tune or your way with it, I would probably not have touched a hair of it ~ but it was presented in my mind as ‘copied’ from a printed source… Something I don’t see as ‘personal’, maybe wrongly so. I will be more careful if there is a next time…

Aren’t you glad we’re not all your next door neighbours, ‘c’? 🙂

Young Sandy Tulloch

ceolachan said, “… if there is a next time…”

There had better be a next time, and plenty more on top! wouldn’t be the same without liberal sprinklings of ceolachan. I want to be perfect, so I’m always meddling and handing out advice. There are several hundred other opinions about how it should be run, however, so mine just adds to the general drone.

Anyway, I should now say something about the tune. I once had a printer’s representative come to my home office, and when he realised my musical bent, he told me that his father-in-law was Sandy Tulloch the accordion player. I have come accross his name a few times in various contexts, mainly for being a friend of Jimmy Shand, and an enthusiastic amateur accordionist. I think he was an occulist, but I’m not sure, and something tells me that he wrote down many of Jimmy’s tunes becasue Shand himself couldn’t read or write music. This is all from memory, so I can’t vouch for its accuracy.

Stories, context ~ even if from the half remembered ~ I love it…

This music is about people and lives for which I have a great respect ~ speaking from my take on things ~ not about notes and twiddles, though I respect those things too. Notes and twiddles don’t smile and laugh and cry and don’t get up and dance unless somebody gives their life to them…