Dan’s Castle jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dan's Castle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2d B2d|Adf edB|d2f e2f|afd edB|
A2d B2d|Adf edB|d2f afd|edB d3|
Add Bdd|Adf edB|dff eff|afd edB|
Add Bdd|Adf edB|def afd|edB d2e|
|:fdB ABd|fag fed|ecB Acd|egf ecA|
fdB ABd|fag fed|Bcd afd|1 edB d2e:|2 edB d3||
|:gBB g2a|gBB B2g|fAA f2g|fAA A2f|
gBB g2a|gBB B2d|cdc cBc|1 e2d d3:|2 e2d d2e||
|:fag fed|fag fed|egf egf|egf ecA|
fag fed|fag fed|Bcd afd|1 edB d2e:|2 edB d3||

Five comments

Dan’s Castle

One of mine - I’ve had bars of this in my mind for years, and eventually got round to turning them into a tune. It’s a four part jig in D Major within the limits of the Highland bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes.

Dan’s Castle is the name of a pub and adjoining area in Tow Law,. County Durham (UK). The glamorous upland A68 road runs through the town, and formerly was used by drovers coming (as far as I know) from Scotland, so calling a bagpipe tune after the place might not be inappropriate.

A couple of bum notes as always - have corrected ABC’s.

(Last bar of first part - the D should be an octave higher; fifth bar of fourth part - the high B should be an octave lower.)

(Sorry, I mean fifth bar of SECOND part…!)

It aims straigt for the target that jig!
Simple is often best and simple’s not that simple to do! Good shot!
If you give it to people to play it might gather a bit of edge and so stick in the bullseye longer…