The Stone Frigate reel

By Donald Carrigan

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Stone Frigate
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|AddA d2 Ad|AddG B2dB|AddA dABd|feef e2 ef|
AddA d2 Ad|AddG B2dB|AddA BeeB|caac d2 d:|
|:g|faaf a2fa|aAAG B2 dB|AddA dABd|
[1feef e2 eg|faaf a2fa|aAAG B2 dB|AddA GeeB|caac d2 d:|
[2feef e2 ef|AddA d2 Ad|AddG B2dB|AddA BGed|cAac d2 d||
# Added by dAle .
X: 2
T: The Stone Frigate
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:dB|"D"AddA d2(Ad)|"D7"AddG "G"B2(dB)|"D"AddA "Bm"dABd|"Em"feef "A7"e2dB|
"D"AddA d2Ad|"D7"AddG "G"B2dB|"D"AddA "Em"Beed|"A7"caac "D"d2:|
dg|"D"faaf a2fa|"D7"aAdG "G"B2dB|"D"AddA "Bm"dABd|"Em"feef "A7"e2eg|
"D"faaf a2fa|"D7"aAdG "G"B2dB|"D"AddA "Em"Beed|"A7"caac "D"d2 dg||
"D"faaf a2fa|"D7"aAdG "G"B2dB|"D"AddA "Bm"dABd|"Em"feef "A7"e2dB|
"D"AddA d2Ad|"D7"AddG "G"B2dB|"D"AddA "Em"Beed|"A7"caac "D"d2||

Six comments

Re: The Stone Frigate

Has anyone got more information about the composer Pipe Major Donald Kerrigan; was he a Pipe Major in the military?

Re: The Stone Frigate

Another great new discovery for me.

I believe he(Kerrigan) is a Cape Breton man.
This is a relatively easy tune to play in “D” although I’d imagine that it would have been a semi tone higher on the Highland pipes originally.

Re: The Stone Frigate

So The Stone Frigate was written by Pipe Major Donald M. Carrigan. A native of Truro Nova Scotia, it was written in honour of the Stone Frigate at the Royal Military College of Canada. I believe it was around 1983 he composed it.

Re: The Stone Frigate

Thanks for that, Keegan.
I thought it may actually have been Carrigan as opposed to Kerrigan but I wasn’t sure.

The Stone Frigate, X:2

This setting of PM Carrigan’s pipe reel came up in the Boston area, as being played frequently at the Canadian American club session.
The source is a transcription of an Alasdair Gillies CD by B. McOwen via John Chambers (