Two recordings of
The Watchmaker
The High

The Watchmaker (reel) is also known as Neil Gow’s Highland, Neil Gow’s Second Wife, Neil Gowe’s Wife, Neils Gowan’s Second Wife, Niel Gow’s Wife, Watchmaker’s, The Watchmaker’s Fling, The Watchmaker’s Highland Fling, The Watchmaker’s Highland, The Watchmaker’s, Watchmakers, The Watchmakers, Watchmakers’, The Watchmakers’, The Wooden Shuttle.

The High (reel) is also known as Alexander Duff, An Ríl Ard, Dr MacKinnon’s, Duffy The Dancer, Sandy Duff.

A Celtic Fair by Maggie Sansone

  1. Watchmaker
  2. The High
  3. The Silver Spear

Elmwood Station by Sarah Bauhan

  1. The Long Rain
  2. The Watchmaker
  3. The Otter’s Holt
  4. The High