Joe’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
EFA ~B3|EFA B2e|def edB|BAF (d3|d)BA ~B3|EFA B2e|def edB|AFD E2B:|
EFA B2e|efe def|afe d2B|BAF (d3|d)BA B2e|efe def|afd edB|AFDE2B:|

Five comments

Tune’s name

I learned this jig as Joe’s Jig from Nils Nolte. Maybe there is another name for it. It appreciate any hint on that.
Enjoy it, Moritz

Joes jig

Boys of Tandragee I think


Are you sure. At least the posted abc here on the site looks quite deifferent and feels different when played.

At first this jig seems innocuous but you slow it right down and…There’s something about it, isn’ t there? Something hypnotic…

Well, the great Saint Patrick Himself –though he hadn’t been saintetised yet in those days- is said to have used this disarmingly sweet melody to inveigle the snakes away from Erin’s green shores. Of course the shnakes were already armless but that doesn’t disprove the fact that the tune was actually disarming. Anyhow, he played this little ditty to charm the snakes. And he played it on his bell and the bell’s name was Joe. And the bell sounded very belligerent because it played only the f sharp notes of the tune, and it played them very sharp. And it sounded like this: "…off f…off f, … … off f off f off f…" but the snakes thought they heard something more like: ‘f off! f off!’ and they found it so distasteful they all went deaf!
And they all went! All the way back to where they came from. Hm, hm. And where persecution was still very much the rage, I’ll have you know. But before Patrick could react and call them back; ‘F’, f’, … fáilte! Fáilte! Céad Míle Fáilte Isteach!’ it was too late: There wasn’t one snake left standing or even crawling on the ground, or on its belly, or whatever it is that snakes do. And Patrick was in great despair cause he had always thought snakes charmin’, not varmin. And he really cracked that time: he cursed his bell and the bell cracked as well. But he always felt pretty down afterwards –up to the time his time was up and they laid him down in county Down- for he foresaw that his heretofore unblemished name would forever become associated with another silly Irish legend!
But I’m sure you’re glad you know the truth now.

Originally known as ‘Jingling Joe’s Jingoist Jig.’