The Dhow hornpipe

Also known as The Dhow Kamal, The Dhow’s Kamal, The Dhow’s.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: The Dhow
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:D=E>^F|B3 A G3 D|G>d^c>d e>d=c>B|A3 G ^F3 E|D>d^c>d e>d (3=cBA|
B>AB>A G>^FG>E|D>d (3^ccd e>d (3=ccB|A>ed>c A>D (3^FGA|G>BA>^F G:|
|:g^f>g|e>cG>c e>g^f>g|d>BG>B d>D^F>A|^F>D (3FGA d>cB>A|G>D (3GAB d>g^f>g|
e>cG>c e2 (3bag|d>BG>B d>DG>D|^F>D (3FGA d>cB>A|G>BA>^F G:|
X: 2
T: The Dhow
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:D=E^F|~B3 A ~G3 D|Gd^cd ed=cB|~A3 G ~^F3 E|Dd^cd ed =c/B/A|
B/B/B BA G/G/G GE|Dd ^c/c/d ed=cB|Aedc AD^FA|G/G/G ^FA G:|
|:g^fg|ecGc eg^fg|dBGB dD^FA|^FDFA dcBA|GDGB dg^fg|
ec c/c/c egbg|dB B/B/B dDGD|^FD F/G/A d2 c/B/A|G2 G^F G:|
X: 3
T: The Dhow
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
zd>c|B>dB>A G3E|D>d^c>d e>d=c>B|A>cA>G ^F3 E|D>d^c>d e>d (3=cBA|
B>AB>A G>^FG>E|D>d^c>d e>d=c>B|A>dc>B A>D=E>F|G2 G>^F G:|
|:g^f>g|e>cG>c e>g^f>g|d>BG>B d2 c>B|A>D (3FGA d>cB>A|G>D (3GAB d>g^f>g|
e>cG>c e>gb>a|g>dB>d G>BA>G|A>D (3FGA d>cB>A|G2 G>^F G:|
X: 4
T: The Dhow
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:(3D=E^F|B2 B>A G2 G>D|G>d^c>d e>d=c>B|A2 A>G ^F2 F>E|D>d^c>d e>d=c>A|
B2 (3ABA G2 (3G^FE|D2 (3d^cd e2 (3d=cB|A>ed>c A2 (3D=EF|G2 ^F2 G2:|
|:(3g^fg|e>cG>c e2 (3g^fg|d>BG>B d>D^F>A|^F>D (3FGA d2 (3cBA|G>D (3GAB d2 (3g^fg|
e2 (3cGc e2 (3bag|d2 (3BGB d2 (3BAG|(3^F=ED F>A d2 (3cBA|G2 G>^F G2:|
X: 5
T: The Dhow
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
A,=B,^C|D^CD A,2F E2D ^C2G|FGA f2e d2c B2A|^G2A ^G2A E2F D3|EFG FED ^C2A A,=B,^C|
D^CD A,2F E2D ^C2G|FGA f2e d2c B2A|^G2A EF=G FGA D2F|ED^C A2A, D5e||
fed fed e2a4|fed fed e2a4|fed edc dcB cBA|BAG ^GAF E2D ^C3|
fed fed e2a4|fed fed e2a4|fed edc dcB cBA|BAG ^GAF E2D ^C2A,|
D^CD A,2F E2D ^C2G|FGA f2e d2c B2A|^G2A EF=G FGA D2F|ED^C A2A, D3 A,=B,^C|
# Added by Tish .

Forty-two comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOW / MARK ~ "The Depressing 30’s"? ~ hornpipe / reel

This title is tentative. It had actually formed with a title in mind, but letting the melody take control of my memory I lost that. Other titles that came to mind after the fact were "The All Night p*ss-Up" and "The Post 20’s Blues", but I can’t say I’m happy with any of them, probably the niggling notion that the original title that came to mind was somehow more appropriate. Anyway, maybe it will come back to mind, or maybe you will come up with one for it?

I was caught up, still am, in Spring cleaning, and teetering on the edge as I tackled the high places where the dust had built up above cupboards and the like ~ yuck! And yes, while handling that dust and muck, your situation came to mind, me worrying about whether or not you’d find your car and concertina and senses and gather it all up and find a place to rest you head before the locals report you and you end up in the clanger…

The A-part came first, lost the initial B-part, which was only a variation on the A, and then after a pause the B-part here came on the end of the A… In keeping with the subject, you Markus Aurilius, it is generally disagreeable, as only one measure can truly be considered in ‘agreement’, the last of both parts. πŸ˜‰ The key seems right for the occassion too. Here is an alternate hornpipy ending for it:

~ | G2 B2 G :|

"The Depressing 30’s"

Here it is without the gingerbread and in the manner of a reel, with some other possibilities ~

X: 1134
T: Depressing 30’s, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Gmin
K: g minor
|: D=E^F |
~B3 A ~G3 D | Gd^cd ed=cB | ~A3 G ~^F3 E | Dd^cd ed =c/B/A |
B/B/B BA G/G/G GE | Dd ^c/c/d ed=cB | Aedc AD^FA | G/G/G ^FA G :|
|: g^fg |
ecGc eg^fg | dBGB dD^FA | ^FDFA dcBA | GDGB dg^fg |
ec c/c/c egbg | dB B/B/B dDGD | ^FD F/G/A d2 c/B/A | G2 G^F G :|

I was expecting a third part, somehow seeming to be in keeping with ‘30’, but it never came… Maybe 32 bars is enough, eh? πŸ˜›

Actually, not so ‘disagreeable’ in truth, as there is agreement within the part if not but the one measure between them, and in keeping with the birthday boy, who despite his wind-ups and consternations is a very agreeable and generous soul… though I still am waiting for that CD… πŸ˜‰

‘wind-ups, confrontations and consternations’…

Alternate lead-ins & endings ~

|: (3D=E>^F | ~ | G>BA>^F G2 :|
|: (3g^f>g | ~ | G>BA>^F G2 :|

|: D/=E/^F | ~ | GBA^F G2 :|
|: g/^f/g | ~ | GBA^F G2 :|

Damn, missed those doodgimafloppies, alias ‘>’… Second try, correcting those triplets for the hornpipe ~

|: (3D=E^F | ~ & ~ |: (3g^fg | ~

It sounds like Tango in a hornpipe style hehe Nice!

Is that the drink or the dance?

Considering the ’30s a bit of Tango would be appropriate, the dance that is…

Hey ‘c’, I like it a lot! I don’t think the name even does it justice. When I play it, the images of Eastern Europe are so strong in my head that I think the name should reflect that. I don’t know what you could call it tho’ - "The Pole Dance"? πŸ™‚

X: 1
T: ?
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Gmin
zd>c | B>dB>A G3E | D>d^c>d e>d=c>B | A>cA>G ^F3 E | D>d^c>d e>d (3=cBA |
B>AB>A G>^FG>E | D>d^c>d e>d=c>B | A>dc>B A>D=E>F | G2 G>^F G :|
|: g^f>g | e>cG>c e>g^f>g | d>BG>B d2 c>B | A>D (3FGA d>cB>A | G>D (3GAB d>g^f>g |
e>cG>c e>gb>a| g>dB>d G>BA>G | A>D (3FGA d>cB>A | G2 G>^F G :|

Kinda sounds like Fur Elise-meets-The Pumpherston Hornpipe. πŸ˜€

Posted by .

I like it Tish, that got me lauging and showing my fangs… ~ πŸ˜€

A birthday wish ~

I am still cogitating on the title. As it stands it doesn’t quite hold up. I didn’t find the 30’s depressing at all, not as far as that span of a decade in my life… I wish the same for you as you start into yours ~ a life of interest, challenge and reward ~ enriched with good friends and good times…

For that time in history, there are a lot of hints and contrasts in this tune that fit, but it was not all about ‘depression’ either… It does not surprise me the strength people can muster in hard times, and the joy they can find. Music and dance were part of the tonic…

"?" ~ awaiting it’s proper christening ~ some other ways with it

X: ∞
T: ?
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Gmin
|: (3D=E^F |
B2 B>A G2 G>D | G>d^c>d e>d=c>B | A2 A>G ^F2 F>E | D>d^c>d e>d=c>A |
B2 (3ABA G2 (3G^FE | D2 (3d^cd e2 (3d=cB | A>ed>c A2 (3D=EF | G2 ^F2 G2 :|
|: (3g^fg |
e>cG>c e2 (3g^fg | d>BG>B d>D^F>A | ^F>D (3FGA d2 (3cBA | G>D (3GAB d2 (3g^fg |
e2 (3cGc e2 (3bag | d2 (3BGB d2 (3BAG | (3^F=ED F>A d2 (3cBA | G2 G>^F G2 :|

Speaking of microtones and tempered scales as happened recently, the ^F2 should generally be played something like ^^F, somewhere between the F# and the G… That’s just to make it near impossible on the concertina… πŸ˜‰

Here is another way with a few bars of the A-part ~

|: (3DED |
B2 (3ABA G2 (3GFE | D2 (3d^cd e>d=c>B | A2 (3GAG ^F2 (3EFE | D2 (3d^cd e2 (3d=cA | ~

I *did* mean it as a compliment, c, I assure you. πŸ˜‰

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Who luvs yuh? ~ πŸ™‚

But what’s the "Pumpherston Hornpipe"?

~ a Jim Sutherland tune. Hey Tish, it isn’t here yet… Gerald Trimble recorded it but I haven’t my LP of it here…

hey, "c" - I think Malcolm Reavell transcribed that one for me. Now if you ask nicely…………………… I’m sure "The Easy Club" recorded it, as well. Gerry certainly did.

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Here ya go:

T:Pumpherston hornpipe, The
C:Big Jim Sutherland
S:Gerald Trimble, First Flight
I:speed 400
A,=B,^C|D^CD A,2F E2D ^C2G |FGA f2e d2c B2A|^G2A ^G2A E2F D3 | EFG FED ^C2A A,=B,^C |
D^CD A,2F E2D ^C2G | FGA f2e d2c B2A |^G2A EF=G FGA D2F | ED^C A2A, D5e ||
fed fed e2a4 | fed fed e2a4 | fed edc dcB cBA |BAG ^GAF E2D ^C3 |
fed fed e2a4 | fed fed e2a4 | fed edc dcB cBA |BAG ^GAF E2D ^C2A, |
D^CD A,2F E2D ^C2G | FGA f2e d2c B2A |^G2A EF=G FGA D2F | ED^C A2A, D3 A,=B,^C |

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"The Easy Club: Chance or Design"

I have seen a weird transcription in 12/6… Yes, Sutherland being the one behind it’s birth I suspected as much. So, pretty please? ~ with cappucino and a pain-au-chocolate? ~ or maybe a single malt instead? I’ve never heard ‘Easy Club’ play it, but I have heard it on hammered dulcimer… I have some vague recollection that it’s a fun tune, if a challenge. I like it, "Gerry", definitely a great character, a charm… I like that early recording too.

Damn, that was quick, as I typed, and it is that weird 12/8 transcription too… You should know better Kenny ~ it is a ‘hornpipe’… There are some strange bars in it too, that don’t quite fit the memory, like the e2a4 stuff… πŸ˜‰

Don’t blame Kenny, c!- I posted it. There are a bunch of abc files out there for it but for some reason my PC will not open them or I get garble, and this was the first one I could actually get at. it’s not 100% but will do for tune ID purposes … I can’t imagine it taking off at hard-core pure-drop Irish music sessions. πŸ˜‰

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Mea culpa ~ mea culpa ~ mea culpa…

Yes, I just saw, tish tish tish. Sorry Kenny, I should have more faith in your abilities. You know those folks from ‘down under’ ~ everything is topsy turvy and they don’t question a hornpipe in 12/8 time… πŸ˜‰

I’m not on my knees and begging ~ do this tune justice Kenny, please submit it. If you’ve got ties, ask the man, Sutherland, if he minds having his tune given justice here…

Tish, I found several files but they were all copies of the weird 12/8 transcription…note-for-note, and even the daft speed of 400 bpm…

I think, they are confused and that they are meaning 400 1/8th notes per minute…

I still haven’t a name I’m happy with for this tune… It’s crazy, the name came with it, but if I had held on to the name I probably wouldn’t have caught the melody… That is the power of dyslexia ~ frustration…

Fear not, c, I do actually know a hornpipe is not in 12/8 but I have already discovered that all the transcriptions out there are like this and I can’t do better for you until about lunchtime on May 6 at the rate things are currently going! I think Kenny might be able to give you a proper transcription a little sooner than that … if you’re nice to him. πŸ˜‰

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I know, I’m just givin’ you stick because I’m ‘under the weather’…

I only hope Kenny will forgive me… 😏

I think 12/8 hornpipe transcriptions are good. It helps people play them right πŸ™‚

Yeah, I know… Now, would that be pushing the right button? πŸ˜‰

No news from Kenny ~ I’m worried…

Hehe I can say what I like about hornpipes now. Button is officially not speaking to me ever again…

Yo !

Hi, people, I found Malcolm’s transcription of Jim’s tune, and it’s from Gerry’s recording. Need some help here – the key signature according to Malcolm has one sharp = β€œF”, and β€œB” as a flat. What the hell kind of key or mode is that ?

Posted by .

It’s a bit unclear from your post what you mean, Kenny, but if it’s any help, the scale G-A-Bb-C-D-E-F#-G isn’t a mode of the major scale, it’s G melodic minor. The best way to transcribe it is to make the key sig Gdor and add the F#s in as accidentals. If there had been an Eb, then that would have been G harmonic minor, and for that you’d want to make the key sig Gmin and (again) accidentalize the F#s.

Note that ceolachan has done the latter in his transcription, btw.

My brain hurts………….

Thanks , Dow. I’ll try to post the tune this week-end.

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Hallelujah! ~ πŸ˜‰

In search of a name ~

Here are some developments on the name front for this tune for Dow/Mark’s entry into the 30s ~

"The Linguist" / "The Aging Linguist" / "The Drunken Linguist"
~ from Laitch in Vermont

"The Thesis" / "30" / "And Many Happy Returns" / "Many Happy Returns"

Why not 12/8?

Can someone give me information/links about why hornpipes shouldn’t be notated in 12/8? I tried to Google it, but all I got was links to 12/8 hornpipes πŸ™‚.