Four recordings of
The Bride’s Favourite

Morrison’s (jig) is also known as Jim Morrison’s, Maurice Carmondy’s Favorite, Maurice Carmondy’s Favourite, Morrison’s Aaron, Morrison’s No. 1, Paddy Stack’s Fancy, Port Ui Mhuirgheasa, Stick Across The Hob, The Stick Across The Hob, Tom Carmondy’s Favorite.

The Bride’s Favourite (jig) is also known as The Bride’s Farewell, Bride’s Favorite, The Bride’s Favorite.

Across The Pond by Kevin Griffin, Roger Burridge And Others

  1. Doctor O’Neill
  2. Morrison’s
  3. The Bride’s Favourite

Michael Flatley by Michael Flatley

  1. Morrison’s
  2. The Bride’s Favourite

On A Different Note by Michael Flatley

  1. The Jig Is Up
  2. Gan Ainm
  3. Morrison’s
  4. Bride’s Favourite

Songs, Jigs, Reels by Glenside And Kilfenora Ceili Bands

  1. Morrison’s
  2. The Bride’s Favourite