Three recordings of a tune named
The Tap Room
With a tune named
The Lilies In The Field

The Tap Room (reel) is also known as A Hard Road To Travel, Captain Murray’s, Charlie O’Donnell’s, The Hard Road To Travel, Hopetoun House, Hopetown House, In The Tap Room, Polly’s Rant, The Ranting Widow, Sweet Molly, The Taproom, The Youngest Daughter.

The Lilies In The Field (reel) is also known as Come To Your Tay, The Lilies Of The Field, Lillies In The Field, The Lillies In The Field, Lillies Of The Field, P J Conlon’s, P.J. Conlon’s.

Ceolta Seisiún Na hÉireann / Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book CD by Sheila Garry and Brid Cranitch

  1. Tap Room
  2. Moving Bog
  3. Lilies Of The Field

Frankie Gavin 2003-2004: Speed of Sound - 1st CD of 4 by Frankie Gavin, Máirtín O’Connor and Carl Hession

  1. College Groves
  2. The Moving Bog
  3. The Tap Room
  4. The Lilies In The Field

My Love Is In America by Shaskeen

  1. P.J. Conlon’s
  2. The Tap Room
  3. The Moving Bogs