One recording of a tune named
The Tap Room
With a tune named
The Fox On The Town

The Tap Room (reel) is also known as A Hard Road To Travel, Captain Murray’s, Charlie O’Donnell’s, The Hard Road To Travel, Hopetoun House, Hopetown House, In The Tap Room, Polly’s Rant, The Ranting Widow, Sweet Molly, The Taproom, The Youngest Daughter.

The Fox On The Town (reel) is also known as Fox In The Town, The Fox In The Town, Ned Killeen’s, Ned Killeen’s Favourite, Richard Dwyer’s, Richard White’s, Richie Dwyer’s Favourite, Windwood.

Tuned Up by Brendan Mulholland, Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry

  1. Fox In The Town
  2. In The Tap Room
  3. The Belfast Traveller