The Spirit Of The Border polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Spirit Of The Border
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|:d>e f>d|Ad FA|GB Ed|c/d/e/c/ A/g/f/e/|
d>e f>d|Ad FA|GB Ec|1 d2 dA:|2 d2 df||
a>f d>A|Bg g>B|A/F/A/d/ f/d/a/f/|e/^d/e/f/ e/f/g/^g/|
a>f =d>A|B=g g>B|A/F/A/d/ ce|d3 f|
a>f d>A|Bg g>B|A/F/A/d/ f/d/a/f/|e/^d/e/f/ e/A/B/c/|
=d>e f>d|Ad FA|GB Ec|d2 d2||

Two comments

The Spirit Of The Border

I found this one in The Northumbrian Pipers’ Third Tune Book. It’s printed there in 4/4 time but it makes more sense to me in 2/4, so I have presumed to enter it here in 2/4.

It was composed by the Northumbrian piper Tom Clough, an expert of the last century; he perfected a staccato style which he felt was the proper one for the pipes, and wrote several tunes. His playing did get recorded, but only very little. He taught the young Billy Pigg, who became better known, recorded a lot more, and developed quite a different style.

(This tune is quite distinct from Billy Pigg’s tune Border Spirit - an Irish-style slow air.)

(I may be wrong about Tom teaching Billy Pigg.)