Frances Morton’s hornpipe

By Fred Morrison

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One setting

X: 1
T: Frances Morton's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:fe|dfad fadf|aaaf afdf|g2 g2 egcg|gceg cgge|
dfad faAf|aaaf afdf|e2 ed cBAB|cdeA d2:|
|:zf|aaaf afdf|afff afdf|g2g2 egdg|gceg cgge|
aaaf afdf|afff afdf|e2 ed cBAB|cdeA d2:|
|:zc|cggc egcg|gceg cggc|dfad faAf|gffe eddc|
cggc egcg|g ceg cgge|f2 e2 edcB|Acec d2:|
|:(3efg|affa dafa|Aafa dafa|gccg AgcG|egcg Agce|
[1 affa dafa|A2 fa dafa|(3gfe ed (3cBA (3Bcd|edce dd:|
[2 (3Abc (3Bcd (3cde (3def|(3efg (3fga gfed|(3cBA (3Bcd efgA|fAeA d4:|

Nine comments

Frances Morton

The lady’s name is Frances Morton, a fine flute and whistle player from Glasgow or thereabouts, although I believe she is studying in England at the moment. Please correct her name. Fred Morrison composed this fine reel - not hornpipe - for her. The Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band from Northern Ireland had it as the final tune in their medley selection when they won the World Pipe Band Championships either the last time, or the time before.

Posted by .

Well Fred’s book classes this tune as a hornpipe and not a reel. Can I just ask gaitazampogna_32 - are you transcribing these tunes from listening to the CD’s or are you lifting them from the book? Whilst I am delighted to see Fred’s tunes featuring on this site, hopefully leading to more people getting to know of him and his tunes, you are posting an awful lot of them and I am sure Fred would rather folk buy his book.

Generally I do not feel that copyright is an issue that should effect tunes on here overly and indeed I have posted modern tunes before but I would never post someone’s whole book - that is just plain wrong.

And yes the tune and person is Frances Morton not France Mortron.

I’d like to say that it’s impossible for me to rewrite the tunes after listennineg. A friend of mine gave me ~10 photocopies of these tunes from Fred and I didn’t knew that there is a book which contains (and a copyright existed). I’ve only posted 7 of these scores. I just wanted to share them via the session. However, I bought the booh today, it feels intersting. I’m shure I’ll find some other good pieces (for whistle). I just hope there aren’t too much pieces for pipes. The Friend told me “it’s from Fred Morrison, a good piper”. I tried some of them with the low whistle (D) , but it’s imposible with my bagpipes ( a musette centre-France in G). I can play since yesturday Tony’s tune, which is quiet easy. I learnt after listenning.
In folk music I play with the pipes (folk music from France and Belgium) , it’s different: you can learn a composition of someone and give the score. Sometimes, the person who learnt the tune sees a student who wants to learn him the tune… A tune becomes traditional if it’s beautiful, so the compositor is forgotten and 90% of the tunes are listed as “trad” instead anonymous or author forgotten.

Furthermore, I’m from Belgium and I play musette centre-France, tin and low whistle (c-d-f-g-bb-G-D) and soprano&alto recorder.
Sorry for all of the mistakes in English I hope you’ll unterstand… 🙂

Other pieces I posted are trad and I found the abc in (available in English and in French too) you should go there, there are good tunes. But the session in better (of course…).

This is in Dmaj, not Amix.

Also, the name’s not ok yet. You need to go to “edit details”.

You have certainly corrected the surname but the first name is Frances with an “S” and not France, the country. Good luck in learning these tunes. If you go on YouTube there are some good video clips of Fred playing. Most of his tunes are for pipes and are normally played by Fred on his Border Pipes (pitched in A). For playing in G pipes you would be best to transpose. Alternatively they will all fit on the whistle - but they are quite tough, particularly this tune - it is certainly beyond me just now!