A Bonny Lass To Merry Me reel

Also known as A Bonny Lass To Marry Me.

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Bonny Lass To Merry Me
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dedB AGAB|dgdB AG E2|d(e/f/ g)B AGAB|GAGE ED D2:|
dgBg dgBg|egGB AB E2|dgBg egAB|GAGE ED D2:|
g2bg agbg|d2 bg agea|gbag edBg|GAGE EDD2:|
edBg edBg|edBG AB E2|edBg edBA|GAGE EDD2:|

Five comments

Caledonian Flute - Chris Norman.

First learnt from the Chris Norman CD of the Caledonian Flute. Notes here converted to abc from Oswalds Caledonian Collection for the flute page 121.

I play this (as does Chris Norman) immediately following Lend me Your Loom, Lass. Originally a piece which thoroughly intimidated me when I first heard it on the CD, it is not as tricky as one thinks. The rhythm in part 4 I find particularly satisfying if I manage to get it right.

Quite what historical significance of borrowing a lassie’s loom and then marrying her has? Your gues is as good as mine.

The fourth part is new, but it is unmistakeably the same tune as the noon lassies. However, I note that the Noon Lassies version has been carefully adjusted to avoid almost all C-naturals! Makes it even easier on the flute. Maybe I should adjust all fast tunes with C Naturals to do the same?

This version comes from Oswald’s published in the 1740s - is there an older reference anywhere else for the tune?

Oh the Britches…

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Lend me Your Loom, Lass.

any chance you could do the sheet music for Lend me Your Loom, Lass. …got the Chris Norman CD too and obsessed by this tune…small tantalizing glimps of it in the notes..i would love to play it?