A Costa De Galicia waltz

Also known as Foliada De Pradenda.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A Costa De Galicia
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D>F|:AA/G/ AA D>F|GG/F/ G2 C>E|GG/F/ GE A>G|FF/E/ D2 D>F|
AA/G/ AA D>F|GG/F/ G2 C>E|GG/F/ GE A>G|FF/E/ D2-D2-|
DA/_B/ =cB AB|AA/G/ A2-A2-|AA/_B/ =cB AC|_B>A G2-G2-|
GA/_B/ =cB AB|AA/G/ AB/A/ FE|DD G2 E>D|CE G2-G2-|
GA/_B/ =cB AB|AA/G/ AB/A/ FE|DD G2 F>E|1 CE D2 D>F:|2 CF D2-D2||
X: 2
T: A Costa De Galicia
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
GEC3E|G2GFG2|E2A2G2|FGFED2-|1 DA,D3F:|2 D6||
|:z2 A_B=c2|_B2A2_B2|A3GA2-|A6-|A2A_B=c2|
_B2A2=c2|_B3AG2-|G4 A2|G2 A_B=c2|_B2A2_B2|
A3GA2|=BAF2E2|D4G2-|G2E3D|C2E2D2-|1 D6:|2 D2||

Eleven comments

Wonderful trad tune from galicia played by Carlos Nunez and Sharon shanon. I like this. The high sound of the gaita fits very well to the tune. It’s played with another tune, but I don’t know the name, could you tell it to me via the comments section?

this score is played with the d major gaita but it’s played with the c gaita in Carlos Nunez & Amigos.

Ah, I think it’s no waltz, I’ve no idea about the type of tune. It’s impossible to chose it in the session. I’ve an advice fot the founder of The session: is it possible to choose the tempo and the rythm instead choosing a dance??? You unterstand, I ‘d like to post an An Dro but I don’t know which “dance” choosing

Gaita - The way tune submissions work here is, you choose a tune type (reel, waltz, polka etc.) and the appropriate time signature is assigned automatically. So, you have done the right thing: Choose the category that gives you the right time signature (the only 3/4 options available are waltz and mazurka, and mention in the comments (as you have done) that it is not the tune type it has been submitted as.

As for this tune, is it a fandango, perhaps?


it sems to be a foliada

Korostel, would you kindly explain what a ‘foliada’ is and where it comes from. thanks

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‘Gaitazampogna-32’ if you search for ‘An dro’ you will find them submitted as ‘Reels’, ‘Polkas’ or ‘Marches’. Personally I would choose ‘Polka’ but certainly follow up with explanation.

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Waltz classification works

This definitely works as a waltz if you listen to a recording - however, the ABC transcription is entirely in the wrong meter. Here is my transcription from the “Carlos & Amigos” CD:

T:A Costa de Galicia
C:Carlos Nunez
D3F |: A2AGA2- | A2DADF | G2GFG2- | GEC3E | G2GFG2 |
E2A2G2 | FGFED2- | DA,D3F | A2AGA2- | A2DADF | G2GFG2- |
GEC3E | G2GFG2 | E2A2G2 | FGFED2- |1 DA,D3F :|2 D6
|: z2 A_B=c2 | _B2A2_B2 | A3GA2- | A6- | A2A_B=c2 |
_B2A2=c2 | _B3AG2- | G4 A2 | G2 A_B=c2 | _B2A2_B2 |
A3GA2 | =BAF2E2 | D4G2- | G2E3D | C2E2D2- |1 D6 :|2 D2
D3F ||

Foliada de Pradenda

This tune is also known as “Foliada de Pradenda”. Foliadas are a variant of galicia “jotas”, rythm is 3/4 and usually they’re sung, though in coloquial galician language “foliada” is also used in a more general sense for any tune played in parties and celebrations…

There’s another transcription here: http://breizhpartitions.free.fr/es/descargar_partitura.php/5_A_costa_de_Galicia

It comes also with the ornaments for gaita galega. It’s just my first post here, wonder if that transcription could be added to this one…

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The tune was also recorded by the galician group “Milladoiro” in “Castellum Honesti”. It’s the first tune off the disc. They play first in the same tune “Maneo de Ulla” and the “Foliada de Pradenda”.

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