One recording of
Jer O’Connell’s

Doyle’s (polka) is also known as The Abbey Ceili Band Polka No. 2, Jimmy Doyle’s, Maurice O’Keeffe’s, Polc Uí Dhúil, Polca Uí Dhubhghaill.

Jer O’Connell’s (polka) is also known as Bakerswell #1, Belles Of Ballinderry, The Belles Of Ballinderry, Donal O’Connor’s #1, Jer Mac’s, Matt Teehan’s No 2, Mrs. Crowley’s, O’Sullivan’s Fancy, The Prowling Fox, Sullivan’s.

Far Off Fields by Taxi Mauve

  1. O’Sullivan’s Fancy
  2. I Looked East And I Looked West
  3. Doyle’s