Three recordings of
George White’s Favourite

George White’s Favourite (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Carrowcastle, Carracastle Lasses, The Carracastle Lasses, Carrowcastle Lasses, Carrowcastle Lassies, George White’s, George White’s Fancy, George White’s Favourite, George Whites, George Whyte’s Fancy, George Whyte’s Favourite, Lass Of Carracastle, The Lass Of Carrowcastle, Lasses Of Carracastle, The Lasses Of Carracastle, The Reeler, Rogha Sheoirse De Faoite, George White’s Favorite.

Cooley’s (reel) is also known as Cooleys, Joe Cooley, Joe Cooley’s, Joe Cooley’s Fancy, Joe Cooleys, Luttrell’s Pass, Put The Cake In The Dresser, Put The Cake On The Dresser, Reaping The Rye, Ríl Na Tulaí, The Tulla.

Ceol na nOg by Various Artists

  1. George White’s Favourite
  2. Cooley’s

Rattle The Boards by Rattle The Boards

  1. George White’s
  2. Joe Cooley’s
  3. Master Crowleys

The Ceili Bandits by The Ceili Bandits

  1. George White’s Fancy
  2. Cooley’s
  3. The Humours Of Westport