Feller From Fortune jig

Also known as Fella From Fortune, Fellar From Fortune, Fortune, The Fortune Set, Lots Of Fish In Bonavist’ Harbour.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Feller From Fortune
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:d3d2 d|G2B d2d|ded B2G|G2c e2e|efg d3|
G2B d2d|ded B2G|g2e d2B|(AB)AG3|
c6|GGB d2d|ded B2G|GGc e2e|
efg d3|GGB d2d|ded B2G|gge d2B|1 ABAG3:|
[2 ABAG3|d6|G2B d2d|ded B2G|GGc e2e|(ef)g d3|
ggg f2d|eee d2B|G2A B2G|EEF G3||

Five comments

..saw a request for this Newfoundland standard.

Collected by Margaret Sargent and Kenneth Peacock in Newfoundland in1950/1 and first appeared in print in the mid 1950’s

Some Lyrics

Oh, there’s lots of fish in Bonavist’ harbour,
Lots of fish right in around here’
Boys and girls are fishin‘ together’
Forty-five from Carbonear.

cho: Oh, catch-a-hold this one, catch-a-hold that one
Swing around this one, swing around she;
Dance around this one, dance around that one
Diddle-dum this one, diddle-dum dee.

Oh, Sally goes to church every Sunday
Not for to sing nor for to hear,
But to see the feller from Fortune
What was down here fishin’ the year .

..note my re-edit of the 2nd ending..added ABAG3 to first measure of same

Sorry for that error.
But I kind of liked the change it brought to the melody anyway!!

Shares its DNA with…

Part A of Kilfenora Jig, or Part B of Washington Quickstep, whichever way you want to put it.

I was learning Washington Quickstep in my fiddle lessons, and when I got to the B part, the part of my brain that remembers Newfie music lit up.