Two recordings of
The Merry Blacksmith
The Tinker’s Apron

The Merry Blacksmith (reel) is also known as The Blackened Smith, The Boys Of The Lake, The Corkonian, Music Of The Forge, Paddy On The Railroad, The Peeler’s Cap, Sleigh Ride.

The Tinker’s Apron (reel) is also known as Monaghan Twig, The Monaghan Twig.

Live at Finnegan's Wake by The Ned Devines

  1. Thornton’s
  2. Monaghan Twig
  3. The Merry Blacksmith

Ni Fios ce Chum e by DCU Traditional Music Society

  1. Boys Of ‘45
  2. The Merry Blacksmith
  3. Monaghan Twig