Four recordings of a tune named
The Merry Blacksmith
With a tune named
The Sally Gardens

The Merry Blacksmith (reel) is also known as The Blackened Smith, The Boys Of The Lake, The Corkonian, Music Of The Forge, Paddy On The Railroad, The Peeler’s Cap, Sleigh Ride.

The Sally Gardens (reel) is also known as Cronin’s, Down By The Sally Garden, Down By The Sally Gardens, Na Gairdíní Saileacha, Ná Garranta Sailí, The Salley Gardens, Sally Garden’s, The Sally Garden, Sally Gardner’s.

Celtic Ceili by Various Artists

  1. The Cup Of Tea
  2. Paddy On The Railroad
  3. The Sally Gardens

Foinn Seisiun 1 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne

  1. Miss McLeod’s
  2. The Merry Blacksmith
  3. The Sally Gardens

Set Dancing Downunder by The Coast Ceili Band

  1. The Sally Gardens
  2. The Merry Blacksmith
  3. The Silver Spear
  4. The High

The Devils Of Dublin by Celtic Music Society (East Rochester HS)

  1. The Merry Blacksmith
  2. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  3. Sally Garden
  4. Saddle The Pony
  5. The Kesh