Two recordings of a tune named
The Old Blackthorn
With a tune named
The Blackbird

The Old Blackthorn (reel) is also known as An Sean-draighneán, The Blackthorn Stick, The Blackthorn, The Blackthorne Stick, Clear The Road, The Inch Of Garth, The Jolly Clamdigger, The Jolly Clamdiggers, The Old Black Thorn, The Old Blackthorn Stick, The Old Blackthorne, Rafferty’s, Rising Sun, The Rising Sun, Strone Johnny.

The Blackbird (hornpipe) is also known as An Londubh, The Blackbird Set Dance.

Live in New York 1977 by De Dannan

  1. The Blackbird
  2. Jolly Clamdiggers
  3. Killarney Boys Of Pleasure

Pure Banjo by Brian McGrath

  1. The Blackbird
  2. Blackthorn
  3. Killarney Boys Of Pleasure