Two recordings of
The Old Blackthorn
The Dairy Maid

The Old Blackthorn (reel) is also known as An Sean-draighneán, The Auld Blackthorn, The Blackthorn Stick, The Blackthorn, The Blackthorne Stick, Clear The Road, The Inch Of Garth, The Jolly Clamdigger, The Jolly Clamdiggers, The Old Black Thorn, The Old Blackthorn Stick, The Old Blackthorne, Rafferty’s, Rising Sun, The Rising Sun, Strone Johnny.

The Dairy Maid (reel) is also known as Bean An Bhainne, Cawley’s, The Dairy Maid’s, The Dairymaid, Kiss The Bride In Bed, Kiss The Maid In Bed, Shuffle The Cards, Tabhair Póg Don Bhrídeoig Sa Leaba.

Memories Of Sligo by Roger Sherlock

  1. The Dairymaid
  2. The Rising Sun
  3. Tom Billy’s
  4. The Galtee Rangers

The Mountain Top by Comhaltas North America Tour Group 1976

  1. The Dairymaid
  2. The Old Blackthorn
  3. O’Keeffe’s Plough
  4. The Blackberry Blossom