The Flaming Drones three-two

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Flaming Drones
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
Aa~a2 efed cdec|dB~B2 E3B dBGB|
AcBd cedf effe|a2.e2 fedB BAGB:|
|:A/A/AcA .eAfA eAA/A/A|fdad d/d/dfd edcB|
A2cA .eAaA eAA/A/A|dAed ec~c2 dBGB:|

Three comments

The Flaming Drones

This was composed by Nancy Kerr to work as a harmony for the standard version of "Dance To Your Daddy" - a 3/2 song from the northeast of England. It was recorded on her album with James Fagan "Between The Dark And Light". This is one of the sets where she does "fiddlesinging" - singing the song and playing the tune on fiddle simultaneously. It’s pretty amazing to see this on stage.

The E’s marked with a staccato dot are played pizzicato on the open string.

I suppose this was composed with a 3/2 in mind, but I think it has more of the characteristics of a "slip reel", along the lines of tunes like Twisted Bridge and La Grande Gigue Simple

Apparently Liz Doherty also plays this one, and a few people have picked it up as a nameless tune from her playing.

This also appears on Nancy’s album with Eliza Carthy, "On Reflection". You can hear a short clip of Nancy and James playing this during the last few seconds before the sample cuts out