Twenty-two recordings of The Gallopede

Also known as Gallopade, The Gallopade, Galopade, The Galopade, Galopede, The Galopede, Persian Dance, The Persian Dance, Persian Ricardo, The Persian Ricardo, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Reel, The Yarmouth Reel, The Yarmouth.

This tune has been recorded together with Petronella (lots of times), Angus McCleod (a few times), Kathleen’s (a few times), March Of The Meeatoiteen Bull (a few times), The Bottom Of The Punchbowl, Chester Castle, The Dorset, Nut Brown Maiden, Pop Goes The Weasel, Red House, Reverend Peter Fenton, Rufty Tufty, The Shepton Mallet, Sir Roger De Coverly, Tripping On The Mountain.

  1. A Celtic Feast from County Door by Bubble & Squeak
  2. A Nicht at the Jiggin by Jimmy Shand
  3. Another Measure: Scottish Country Dance Music From The 1950’s, Volume 2 by Adam Rennie And His Scottish Country Dance Quartet
  4. Australian Traditional Dance Tunes, Volume 1 by Wongawilli
  5. Bees On Horseback by Flowers And Frolics
  6. Bubble And Squeak by Bubble And Squeak
  7. Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra by Dudley Laufman
  8. Ceilidh Is Cool, Vol. 10 by John Carmichael and his Scottish Dance Band
  9. Community Dances: Music For Social Dancing by Various Artists
  10. Dance Album by The Bushwhackers Band
  11. English Fiddle Tunes by Pete Cooper
  12. Gay Gordons: The Best of the Best Scottish Ceilidh Music, Vol. 2 by John Carmichael & His Scottish Dance Band
  13. Joanna by The Bismarks
  14. Listen to the Band: Dance Music from the Sound Archives, Volume 1 - CD 1 of 2 by Various Artists
  15. Stepping Up: English Country Dance Music by Various Artists
  16. The Atholl Highlanders by Jimmy Shand
  17. The Barford Angel by Billy Bennington
  18. The Bluebell Polka by Jimmy Shand
  19. The Hammered Dulcimer by Bill Spence with Fennig’s All-Stars
  20. The Old Scottish Dance Bands (Volume 2) by Various Artists
  21. The Pigeon on the Gate , ‘Melodeon players from East Anglia’ CD 1 of 2 by Various Artists
  22. The Savage Hornpipe by Pete Cooper And Richard Bolton