Two recordings of
Tie The Bonnet
The Connaught Heifers

Tie The Bonnet (reel) is also known as Easy And Slow, Janet Tied The Bonnet Tight, Jenny Lace Your Tights, Tie The Bonnet Tight.

The Connaught Heifers (reel) is also known as The Connacht Heifer, Connacht Heifers, The Connacht Heifers, Connacht Heiffer, The Connacht Heiffer, The Connaught Heifer.

A Night At The Fair by The Two Tap Trio

  1. The Highland Man
  2. Tie The Bonnet
  3. The Connaught Heifers

The Piper Calls The Tune by Joe Finn

  1. The Gooseberry Bush
  2. Butter And Peas
  3. Tie The Bonnet
  4. The Connaught Heifers