The Geese In The Bog jig

Also known as The Geese In The Bogs, The Lark’s March, Na Géanna Sa Phortach.

There are 7 recordings of this tune.

The Geese In The Bog appears in 2 other tune collections.

The Geese In The Bog has been added to 5 tune sets.

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Must have been some other geese…

This one’s out of O’Neill. There’s another jig by the same name posted, but this one’s different, and kind of cool. It’s in D, but guitarists should watch the last chord - probably Bm.
This one works well on the diatonic harmonica, for those keeping track.

Old vs New Geese In the Bog

One of these is known as the “Old Geese…” I think this the “New Geese…” but I’m not sure.

There’s quite a gaggle of Geese in the Bog. There’s a several part version (I can’t remember how many, perhaps 4 or 5 parts) which I think is probably a version of this one, in D.

5 Parts

The multi-part version has five parts. The A and B parts posted here are the B and A parts of the five part tune, respectively.

Tommy Peoples plays it on one of his early albums (not High Part of the Road, possibly “Tommy Peoples: Master Irish Fiddle Player”), preceded by a tune he calls “Pat Burkes” but posted here as “Linnane’s.” (

“Geese in the Bog” ~ so where’s the gaggle?

“Geese in the Bog” ~ 2-parts in A minor
+ in the ‘Comments’ another take in 2-parts in A Dorian…
Submitted on May 21st 2001 by Jeremy.

There are takes on this tune, including a few multi-part versions, as someone mentioned above, but I’ve not found them on site yet?

The Lark’s March

The Boy’s of the Lough recorded a 5 part version as “The Lark’s March”. Very tasty version.

Re: The Geese In The Bog

Known in O’Neill’s Dance Mucic of Ireland as Geese in the Bogs as #279