Many Happy Returns jig

Also known as The Many Happy Returns Quickstep.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Many Happy Returns
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|: f3 |efg c2 e | def A2 d/c/ | Bcd Ggf | ecg dBg |
ee/f/g ce^c | dd/e/f A2 d/c/ | Bcd GgB | c3 :|
K: Fmaj
|: B2 G |AFc A2 c | BGc B2 g | ecg e2 b | afd cdB |
AFc A2 c | BGc B2 g/f/ | ecg bag | f3 :|
K: Gmin
|: e3 |dBf F2 d | cAf F2 B | AFc AFc | dBf edc |
dBf F2 d | cAf F2 f | agf edc | B3 :|
K: EbMaj
|: A3 |GAB eBG | ABc F2 f/e/ | def BcA | GAF G2 F |
GAB EeB | =A=Bc f3 | dBf agf | e3 :|
K: Gdor
|: d2 ^c |dA^F DdA | cBA B3 | A^FD dcA | G/A/BA Gc^c |
dA^F dA=f | g/a/ba gdB | ^dcA BcA | G3 :|
K: Dmaj
|: A3 |FAd f2 d | afd A2 a | gec ABG | FAd F2 G |
FAd f2 d | afd A2 a | gec geA | d3 :|
K: Gmaj
|: c3 |BcA B2 A | Bcd G2 g | fda f2 a | bge dec |
[1 BcA B2 A | BB/c/d G2 g | fda fdb | g3 :|
[2 BcA B3 | BB/c/d g2 b | c'af dba | g3 ||

Fourteen comments

"Many Happy Returns" ~ jig / two-step / quickstep

This should irritate the hell out of Dow, and probably others too. My wife had a birthday, just last week, and leading up to it this strange thing took hold of me. YES! It took hold of me, not the other way around. It started out with what is now the 6th and 7th part ~ but it woudln’t let go with that. The damned thing kept mutating, or in this case, to be more specifically musical about it, modulating. Worse, it wasn’t on what some, like ‘slainte’, normally consider to be a fully chromatic instrument. I kept leaving it alone, but it just kept coming back. I couldn’t control it. Honestly, I tried. I just wanted a nice 32 measure jig. That would have made me happy. But this wasn’t having any of that. I was so twisted by this craziness I hid it away and didn’t play it for my wife until just now, and she likes it. For some reason it actually seems to hold together, though there are as always suggestions of other things woven in the madness of it. And what’s with that 5th part, and why 7?

Maybe there is a reason behind it all. Funny, in this case the name came with the start of the tune, which as said was the current 6th and 7th parts, and they started out life in the keys of C & F. I’ve had to make do with relative keys for 2 & 3 flats, g minor and F Dorian, those limitations on site here. But back to this magic, music. I’m taking the 7 parts as being some kind of talisman of luck, in other words, if you survive the modulations… πŸ˜‰ ~ And the modulations and the odd 5th part, well, I almost lost my dear wife and I celebrate the continued pleasure of her company, and this does have some of that celebration in it, or at least I’m feeling it. I’m hoping for many more happy days with her… I also wish luck to the rest of you too, wish you the best life can offer in good company and good times ~ so, 7 parts and keys for luck… πŸ™‚


I like this tune! It’s lovely and it made me chuckle. =] Yay for modulatively modulatory modulation stations!


You?! ~ Always welcome… πŸ˜€

Good tune & yes it does celebrate!
And even if it doesn’t sneak into the tradition this tune will definitely improve my mandolin pickin’….πŸ˜€
Happy mirth-day to your wife!

"Many Happy Returns" ~ jig / two-step / quickstep

Lovely tune, and I think I’ll learn it so as to surprise Herself on Herself’s next anniversary.
One minor point, tho’. There seems to be a typo in the last bar but one of the 2nd repeat of the last part. I think it should read | c’af dba | - the high c had the wrong sort of apostrophe, and this threw up an error message in AbcMus.

Where did that come from? This I have to check… ~ minutes later ~ …I just cut and pasted your bit with the apostrophe and then copied both and tested them in Word, a dozen fonts ~ they both came up the same!? Is the problem with AbcMus? ~ or are you using a different word processor? ~ are you using an Apple Mac computer? Sorry, I’m a fontoholic, a condition I have yet to be treated for… 😎 Some of my fonts have as much or more than a half a dozen different takes on the apostrophe… Why?

Note ~ I generally don’t use those for ABCing, just ‘Notepad’ or some basic sans serif font…

"Many Happy Returns" ~ jig / two-step / quickstep

I’ve just rechecked the ABC and everything’s ok now. I never use Word for ABCing; it’s always "Notepad" with the Arial font. I’ve noticed that AbcMus can sometimes be a bit too fussy about syntax. Anyway, the problem, whatever it was, is now solved.
~ later ~
I’ve just been checking up on my version of Word (version 97). Under Tools/Autocorrect/Autoformat it has a provision for replacing "straight quotes" with "smart quotes". I wonder if this could be the source of the problem?

Word 97?! I like that… Conservation in the digital jungle…

I can’t read ABC very well. I just got through the first two parts, but the third was too much for my brain. But I can’t wait to hear what happens next. Roll on sheet music, roll off deodorant etc.

"Many Happy Returns" ~ jig / two-step / quickstep

Word 97 - does a perfectly good job 10 years after I got it, as does Excel 97 and Access 97 that came with it (tho’ I don’t use Access much nowadays), so I see no reason to change to the latest ultra-complex (and doubtless next to unusable) version.
A couple more blasts from the past - I still have, and use occasionally, Volkswriter 3 and DisplayWrite 4.
A tip when using AbcMus for playing back ABCs - if you have a sound card with audio effects, feed AbcMus out through something like an auditorium effect. It sounds a bit more acceptable than the usual dry sound.


nice composition. It reminds me of something that I d see/hear in a movie…. Like formal English people dancing in a fancy ballroom in the 1700’s ?

😏 ~ that had me worried, along with the 7 keys for 7 parts, and that funny 5th bridge. I guess that’s the ‘humours’ or the ‘muses’ playing with me? I wasn’t going to submit it. It just seemed to drop out of nowhere and wouldn’t let me be with just a nice agreeable 32 bar tune. Then, after getting brave enough to play it for my wife, she ended up in smiles and liking it ~ and made me submit it… She wasn’t so keen on my first ‘comment’ bit I did get those smiles and some laughter and a nice long squeeze… πŸ˜‰