Three recordings of
Da Day Dawn
The Greenland Man’s Tune

Da Day Dawn (polka) is also known as Da Day Dawns, Day Dawn, The Day Dawn.

The Greenland Man’s Tune (hornpipe) is also known as Da Greenland Man’s Tune, Da Greenlandman’s Tune, Da Greenlandmans Tune, The Greenland Highland, The Greenland Man’s Fling, The Greenland Man’s Highland Fling, The Greenland Man’s Highland, Greenland Mans Tune, The Greenlandman’s Tune.

4 by Jamie McMenemy

  1. Da Day Dawn
  2. The Greenland Man’s Tune
  3. Barrowburn

First O' The Darkenin' by Chris Stout

  1. Da Day Dawn
  2. Greenland Mans Tune

Off the Hook by The Alistair McCulloch Trio

  1. Da Day Dawn
  2. The Greenlandman’s Tune
  3. Faroe Rum
  4. The Bonnie Isle O’Whalsay
  5. The Lass That Made The Bed For Me