Two recordings of a tune named
The Ashplant
With a tune named
Jim Kelly’s

The Ashplant (reel) is also known as An Maide Fuinnseoige, The Ash Plant.

Jim Kelly’s (reel) is also known as A Night In Ennis, The Ash Plant No. 2, The Ash Plant, The Ashplant, Bobby Gardiner’s, Cronin’s, Dick Sherlock’s, Dickie Sherlock’s, Dicky Sherlock’s, John Brennan’s, Matt Molloy’s, Matt Molloys, The Night In Ennis, Packie Duignan’s, Reel On Mandolin, Roger Sherlock’s, Sean McGuire’s, Sherlocks, Thatcher’s Mallet, The Tipperary Fancy.

Autographed by Ash Plant

  1. Dicky Sherlock’s
  2. The Ashplant

Selected Recordings 1985-1995 by Ash Plant

  1. Jim Kelly’s
  2. The Ashplant