One recording of a tune named
The Ashplant
With a tune named
The Knotted Cord

The Ashplant (reel) is also known as An Maide Fuinnseoige, The Ash Plant.

The Knotted Cord (reel) is also known as The Bangor, Bridie Morley, Bridie Morley’s, Bridie Morley’s Favorite, Bridie Morley’s Favourite, Halfway House, Jr Crehan’s Favourite, Junior Crehan’s, Junior Crehan’s Favourite, The Knot On The Cord, The Knotted Chord.

The Dawn by The Shandrum Céilí Band

  1. The Knotted Chord
  2. Spike Island Lassies
  3. The Ashplant
  4. Matt Peoples