Uncle Joshua polka

By Felix Burns

Also known as Uncle Joshua Two-Step.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Uncle Joshua
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3D/E/F/|G G2 e|d B2 G|d^d ed|=d z d (3D/E/F/
|:G G2 e|d B2 G|A E2 E|E4|
1 F A2 e|d c2 F|A G2 D|D E2 F:|
2 F A2 c|B2 A2|G E2 D|G,2 G2||
d>d BG|AB G2|g g2 e|e d3|
d>d BG|AB G2|d d2 a|f d3|
ee/f/ gf/e/|d/e/d/B/ d2|AA/B/ cB/A/|B d3|
G G2 A|B d3|A A2 B|G3 (3D/E/F/||
g/a/g/e/ g/a/g/e/|g/a/g/e/ g2|c' c'2 a|a g3|
g/a/g/e/ g/a/g/e/|g/a/g/e/ g2|d d2 e|e d3|
g/a/g/e/ g/a/g/e/|g/a/g/e/ g2|c' c'2 a|a g3|
A c2 d|e g3|G d2 e|c z c' z||
G c2 B|AB G2|G c2 A|B4|
G d2 B|AB G2|G d2 ^d|e4|
G c2 B|AB G2|g>g fe|A4|
A/^G/A/B/ cA|=G c3|B g2 B|c z c z||

Four comments

Uncle Joshua

Another Felix Burns tune as played by Peter Wyper on Regal G6983 (recorded circa May 1912). It is described as a two-step. The order it is played on the record is:

Intro - A - B - A - C - D - C - Intro - A - B - A

I hope you don’t mind my posting a couple of Felix Burns tunes. They’re a bit removed from traditional Irish music, although they are what a lot of our grandfathers and grandmothers listened to, alongside more traditional dance music.

Felix Burns Week continues ~ 😉

I guess I’m going to have to find something other than a two-step for the next entry… Thanks for the addition Nigel, much appreciated.

For the future, I suspect you’re familiar with Ronnie Cooper’s tunes ~

Discussion: Ronnie Cooper Waltzes
# Posted on May 25th 2007 by Bren

Uncle Joshua

I forgot to say that Peter Wyper appeared to play this in F major; I transposed it to G so that fiddlers etc could reach the lowest note.

Yes, F seems to have been a popular key…