Seventy recordings of Brenda Stubbert’s

Also known as Brenda Stubbard’s, Brenda Stubbert, Brenda Stubberts.

This tune has been recorded together with Jack Daniel’s (a few times), Dan Breen’s (a few times), The Red Box (a few times), Tam Lin (a few times), Tha Mi Sgith (a few times), Alex Dan MacIsaac’s (a few times), The Banks Of Spey (a few times), Dinkey’s (a few times), The Gravel Walks (a few times), Jenny Dang The Weaver (a few times), Lime Hill (a few times), Michael Rankin’s (a few times), Mutt’s Favourite (a few times), Thunderhead (a few times), Wissahickon Drive (a few times), A Stor Mo Chroi, Alice’s, All Round The Room, An Drochaid Chliùteach, Andy De Jarlis’, Andy Renwick’s Ferret, As I Roved Out, Ashokan Farewell, The Ashplant, Barrowburn, The Bird’s Nest, Bonnie Kate, The Broken Pledge, Butterfly, Captain Campbell, Cloch Na Ceithre Mhile, Colonel Thornton, The Congress, Conlagh’s Big Day, The Corner House, Cota Mor Ealasaid, The Devil Among The Tailors, Eileen Curran, Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight, Elmer Briand’s, Farewell To Erin, Farrel O’Gara’s, Father Francis Cameron’s, Fleshmarket Close, The Gallowglass, The Glasgow, The Green Mountain, The Highlandman Who Kissed His Granny, Hold The Reins, Hull’s, The Hunter’s Purse, The Iron Man, Islay Rant, Itchy Fingers, Johnny Muise’s, Keep It Up, The Lads Of Laois, Larry’s Favourite, Laurel’s, Lord Mayo, MacArthur Road, Macpherson’s Rant, Malcolm Finlay, The Man Of The House, The Marquis Of Tullybardine, The Mason’s Apron, Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc, The Merry Sisters, Miss Shepherd, Miss Wedderburn’s, The Mist On The Mountain, Molly Rankin’s, The Monaghan Twig, Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite, Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully, Nameless, Natterjack’s, The New Mown Meadows, The Night We Had The Goats, O’er Bogie, The Old Hag, Old Man Dillon, The Orange Rogue, Pibroch Of Donald Dhu, The Picnic, The Piper’s Despair, Popcorn Behaviour, The Punters’ Graveyard, Rakish Paddy, Rannie MacLellan’s, Reel Béatrice, Roddy McDonald’s Fancy, Rogha An Ghabha, The Silver Spire, The Sister, The Skye Boat Song, The Snow On The Mountain, Spancil Hill, Speed The Plough, Spootiskerry, The Star Of Munster, Tom Rae, Tommy Peoples’, Toss The Feathers, Trip To Skye, The Trip To Windsor, The Weasel, The Wedding, Willie Smith’s, The Wise Maid.

  1. Fuist! by Chris Gray
  2. Altan’s Finest by Altan
  3. An Triréad / the Trio by Legacy
  4. And The Fiddles Played On by Fiddleheads
  5. Artistic License by Pendragon
  6. At Home by Rosie Shipley And Matt Mulqueen
  7. At The Source by Celtic Spring
  8. Auld School by Howie MacDonald
  9. Before Dawn by Harmony Glen
  10. Best Of 1987-1993 by Altan
  11. Blue by Colman Connolly, Tobias Kurig, Franziska Urton
  12. Born to Fiddle by Matthew Reid
  13. California Celt by Jesse Autumn And Friends
  14. Cartography by Threepenny Bit
  15. Caught In The Moment by The Island Girls
  16. Celtic Dance by Claire Hamilton, Peter Miln, Daniel James & Waxies Dargle
  17. Clubs by Rapalje
  18. Crosswinds by Capercaillie
  19. Cut Up The Floor by Jigsaw
  20. Dancing Mad in the Midnight Air by Finvarra’s Wren
  21. Dancing Tables & Dancing Chairs by Katherine First & Kitchen Party
  22. Dram & Go by Dram & Go
  23. Drawn To The Flame by John and Kevin Byrne
  24. East Of The Tracks by Bridgetown
  25. Feis Music 3: It’s About Time by Sean O’Brien
  26. Fling by Fling
  27. Grianan by Grianan MTC
  28. Hawthorn by Carlos Plumley And Mike Herr
  29. Hi, How Are You Today? by Ashley MacIsaac
  30. Humpy’n’Lumpy by Fleadh
  31. In Safe Hands by Various Artists
  32. In Stitches by The Flying Toads
  33. Island by Dara Smith-MacDonald, Adam Young & Brent Chaisson
  34. Just As It Was 1 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone
  35. Live At De Danu by Choonz
  36. Live In Ennis by The Bowhouse Quintet
  37. Live: Rough Around The Edges by Syncopaths
  38. Luí Na Gréine by Seosamh Mac Grianna (Joe Mhicí Jimí)
  39. Lúnasa by Lúnasa
  40. Master Cape Breton Fiddler by Jerry Holland
  41. Mind The Gap by Spriggan
  42. No Doubt by Six Mile Bridge
  43. Northern Melodies: From New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland & Shetland by George Wilson
  44. O’ by Craicmore
  45. Off Kilter by Off Kilter
  46. Party Acadien by Eddy Arsenault Et Famille, Anastasia DesRoches, Louise Arsenault
  47. Reelgrass by The Huckleberries
  48. Reggish Paddy by TIarnan O Duinnchinn
  49. Sans Relache by Dominique Dupuis
  50. Sarah’ndipity by Sarah Burnell
  51. Stepping On The Bridge by Hamish Moore
  52. Tamerack ‘er Down by Brenda Stubbert
  53. The Fiddlesticks Collection by Jerry Holland
  54. The First Weave by Tweed
  55. The Garden Of Daisies by Celia Briar
  56. The Heart Of Cape Breton by Various Artists
  57. The Long Notes by The Long Notes
  58. The Orkney Fiddler by Fiona Driver
  59. The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Volume 1 by Jack Lee & Alasdair Gillies
  60. The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Volume 3 by Willie Morrison & Dr Angus MacDonald
  61. The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 1 by William McCallum & Bob Worrall
  62. The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 4 by Ian Duncan & Roddy MacLeod
  63. The Red Crow by Altan
  64. The Red Shed by Heartland
  65. The Return Home by Mithril
  66. The Road North by Alasdair Fraser With Paul Machlis
  67. The Story So Far… by Lúnasa
  68. Traditional Irish Music On Button Accordion by Patty Furlong
  69. Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists
  70. X by Lilt