One recording of
Brenda Stubbert’s
Rothiemurchus Rant

Brenda Stubbert’s (reel) is also known as Brenda Stubbard’s, Brenda Stubbert, Brenda Stubberts.

Rothiemurchus Rant (strathspey) is also known as Grant’s, Rathiemurchus Rant, Rochiemurchus Rant, Rothe Murchus’s Rant, Rothemurchus Rant, Rothermish’s Rant, Rothermurche’s Rant, Rothermurches Rant, Rothiemuchus Rant, Rothiemurcas Rant, The Rothiemurchas Rant, Rothiemurchus’ Rant, Rothiemurcus Rant, Rothiemurcus’ Rant.

Selected Tunes From The Gabe McVarish Collection by Gabe McVarish

  1. The Rothymurchas Rant
  2. Kirsty Campbell
  3. The Trip To Windsor
  4. Brenda Stubbert’s