Thoughts Of Carignan reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Thoughts Of Carignan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dB |: AF (3DED B,DGB | Adfa Adfa | ~g3e cded | cAAG EFGB |
AF (3DED B,DGB | Adfa Adfa | ~g3e cded |1 cAGE D2 dB :|2 cAGE D2 FA ||
|: GE~E2 B,EGB | AFdF Adfa | ge (3efe Bece | dFAd cdef |
gbeg ba^ga | FAdA GBef |1 gbed cAAG | FAGE D2 FA :|2 (3gab ed (3cde AG(3FGA GE D2 z2 ||

Twelve comments

Here’s another

seamus connolly tune he plays after the last one I posted. I think maybe he wrote this one too, although the prominent google results on "carignan" refer to a French Canadian grape.

French canadian grape

That Quebecois grape played a pretty good fiddle, and step danced as well.

Jean Carignan’s cd "French-Canadian,Irish and Scottish Fiddle Music" on the Legacy label is one of my favourites.

Yes, his playing makes the heart dance… 🙂

Yes, but

how likely is it that Connolly, assuming that he wrote the tune, was thinking of some old Canuck, scraping away? The wesite says Menuhin and Szerying were fans, but they were crap traditional players anyway. Isn’t it far more probable he was thinking of the wine, inexpensive and potent, that comes from the Carignan grape? After all, the fiddler is buried way back on the second page of results for "Carignan" on the all-powerful google machine.

Oh dear,the great Jean Carignan being described as "some old Canuck". Philistine!

Yes! ~ There is a rhyme to go with my response too Dafydd…

The "powerfull" Google will tell you that Carignan is not a french canadian grape! But Carignan is a french canadian fiddler! I believe Carignan scores higher as fiddler than as wine…

Good to see your addition Carabus, while in full agreement, as you’ll know, I think Carignan would appreciate Carignan… And listening and being inspired by the fiddler while also enjoying the wine of that grape sounds like a great idea… If life’s paths see ours crossing ever, that sounds like a nice way to spend some time in good company… 😉

This is quite a nice tune, this. It has very similar twists and turns to some of Ed Reavy’s D reels, like the Aughamore, Fisherman’s Island and the Street Player (Hp if you like, for the pedantic).


Carigran is one of the best fiddler planet earth has ever seen…
He won the Irish fiddle contest even if he was from Quebec…
not a cunuck a genius!!!